May 04, 2021: Podcasting Updates, Podcasting News From Libsyn


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🎤 The Feed: Episode 192

  • The Apple Event, Apple Podcasts subscriptions, Apple Podcasts Connect troubles, Spotify subscriptions, Facebook podcasting news, the Spotify player on Facebook
  • Libsyn 5 & feedback and making sure that you get the functionality that you want on Libsyn 5
  • Clarification about tags, keywords, and categories on Apple Podcasts,
  • Using the Zoom H2N as an external microphone, and of course mean and median numbers

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🐥 Podcasting News on Social

→ Share, Explore, and Discover Music and Podcasts via Spotify in the Facebook App:–04–26/share-explore-and-discover-music-and-podcasts-via-spotify-in-the-facebook-app/

→ iOS 14.5 has arrived: Download and install it on your iPhone and iPad right now:–14–5-has-arrived-download-and-install-it-on-your-iphone-and-ipad-right-now/

→ URGENT BONUS: Don’t Let Your Show Disappear From Apple Podcasts:

→ Spotify launches podcast subscriptions, but you can’t subscribe in-app:

→ Take this survey! If you’re a content entrepreneur!

→ Social Media For Podcasters (free webinar playback!)

→ Google Podcasts gets redesigned Now Playing UI on iOS, lets you block recommendations–2/

→ Featuring podcasters! HUMIRA Commercial: ‘Remission Is Possible’ (2021)

🗣 Podcasting Community Conversation

→ Does your family listen to your show?

→ 😅HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE 😏 What is the best computer/tablet for podcasting?

→ What is the best podcasting tool for under $100? 🤔
BONUS if it’s less than $50!


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