May 18, 2021: Podcasting Updates, Podcasting News From Libsyn

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🎤 The Feed: Episode 193 is out

  • OMG Audacity was acquired,
  • Clarifying more about the Apple Podcasts summary tag,
  • How to get promoted on Amazon Music,
  • Podcasting music history,
  • Stats, geographic and user agent
  • WARNING — we talk to the robot a lot!

Podcasting everything 🐥 on the social

→ What Everybody Gets Wrong About Audio Discovery — But Facebook and Spotify Might Get Right

→ How to Share a Podcast Episode From a Specific Timestamp So Your Friend Will Actually Listen to It–1846870981

→ Podcast Academy Honors ‘Dying for Sex,’ ‘Wind of Change,’ Marc Maron at Inaugural Ambie Awards–1234954234/

👀 Rob Greenlee presented the Audio Impact award to Teenage Therapy!

🎉 Congratulations to Dan and Jared from Podcast Movement for their production of the virtual event. Good for you both!

🗣 Good times on Social!

● Are you proud of your episode notes (aka shownotes)? Share a link to them! 💪🏽

● Who creates their EPISODE artwork using a Canva template? If you do show us in the comments 🌠

Libsyn Good Stuff

→ Take this survey content entrepreneurs!

→ We have a webinar next week! Libsyn 5 Update!

→ Rob is the closing keynote over at We Are Podcasts, it will cover everything between show name and concept to uploading your first episode to Libsyn! Use the code LIBSYN50 to get 50% off your ticket 😄 The conference is on May 20 and 21

→ June Webinar! DEI for Podcasters Audience Value and Growth, June 24 @ 2 pm ET/11 am PT

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