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She Podcasts Live 2021 in Scottsdale, Arizona, is still delivering off-the-charts inspiration.

I’m an 11-year podcast producer myself, and I wholly underestimated how I would feel at its completion. The intimate opportunities for connection that She Podcasts Live provided are unmatched.  The fierce focus on connecting women, underserved voices, and non-binary podcasters have left me in the best state of exhaustion and exhilaration.

Did all that magic really happen?

A harmonious exhale of purpose was palpable in the beautiful experience and spaces created by the talented She Podcasts team. To represent Libsyn as the presenting sponsor for the conference aligned with what Libsyn has always stood for: supporting the everyday creator to keep sharing their voice.

This purpose was felt in the Libsyn booth and the whole of the event.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the Libsyn booth! I loved every conversation, tear, laugh, and photoshoot in THE CHAIR. (Email [email protected] if you are looking for a copy of one I took.) Also, a huge thank you to our friends from AdvertiseCast, Pair Networks, and the other sponsors who made the event possible.

I was so impressed by the She Podcasts Team and the diverse people they brought together. I could go on for days with accolades for the event, but words from others are often the most fitting. So here are some takeaways, tips, and insights from She Podcasts Live 2021 from some powerful podcasters.

Community and Connection

Alana and Samra from SHE WELL READ

She Podcasts Live is the superior podcasting experience for womxn to come together, learn, create, and collaborate. The individuals you meet at this conference instantly become your “pod-family” which is so valuable in this male dominated space.

Corinna Bellizzi from Care More Be Better Podcast

My big insight from this show is simple.
Community is everything… and women are awesome! What may have seemed impossible before this conference – is now a tangible plan and a real future I can behold. It’s a vision that I’ll realize through collaboration with people I met at She Podcasts Live and beyond! We can succeed together and  there’s no stopping us!

Bonnie Frank from The Business Fabulous Podcast

She Podcasts Live was an amazing, uplifting, and friendship-filled experience! It was wonderful seeing my podcaster friends again and meeting many new ones. Can’t wait for the next one!

Heidi Frei from Single Soul Circle

After a year of isolation, She Podcasts Live brought an atmosphere and message of collaboration and connection. We can assist each other in amplifying our unique voices and perspectives by promoting each other and providing advice and support when it feels difficult.

Sheryl Robinson from Hearts of Gold Podcast

I met so many amazing women but my biggest surprise was all the connections I made related to my nonpodcast related job

Evo Terra from Podcast Pontifications

I attend a lot of podcasting conferences. But I can honestly say that I’ve never attended a conference with as much of a true “community” feeling as SPL. While all podcasting conferences are supportive of attendees, that feeling of interconnectedness was almost palpable at SPL.

Shelley Carney from Messages and Methods Podcast

When you are making podcasts, you are establishing a community of people who want to interact around a topic they care about.

Strategy, Tactics, and Tips

Cheryl Holling from 19 Stories From Fear To Hope

There are some incredibly dynamic, wonderful and creative women in this world and My Unique Voice Matters as well!
I came away from SPL feeling incredibly inspired, supported, loved and blessed and yet thinking that perhaps I needed to implement major changes in order to make better use of “my podcasts first 5 minutes…the most important real estate of my show”.
The very first private message I received the morning after returning home, was a notice from a fellow podcaster letting me know that my little podcast was nominated in the podcast category for a SOVAS Award (Society of Voice Arts and Sciences) which is a very big deal indeed!!!
All to say, that I must be doing something right and yet I will look at what changes I can implement from the conference to make it even better.

Mayra Alejandra Garcia from Debt-Free Latina Podcast

The 5 Major Keys to Repurposing your Podcast session by Krystal Proffitt was FIRE!
I will be taking my transcriptions and pulling quotes for your social media. Thanks for all the tips!

Clara Starr from Your Sleep Guru

From the presentation by Michelle Levitt, Heil Sound
When recording a podcast:
Always keep two finger widths between the microphone and your mouth.
Sit up straight.
A pop filter can help reduce the sound of breathing.

Elizabeth West from I’m Speaking With Elizabeth West

For me it was said by Melanie with on her panel.
She said “your podcast can be your Lead Magnet”.
This 🤯🤯🤯 bc I have too many ideas and I didn’t know what the eff to do for a Lead Magnet and it was right in front of me the whole time! 😮😮😮 I’m Speaking With Elizabeth West

Halicue Hanna from The Pillars, the Porch and the Path podcast

I attended SPL2021 and while the experience was amazing and has already improved my skills as a podcaster and content creator, I am all the more grateful because I was a scholarship recipient!
The most valuable insight I received was from Britany Felix’s workshop: Strategies for Podcasting as part of a Service-Based Business. Our podcast is about spiritual exploration and wayfinding for the modern woman. I’m a professional Tarot reader, educator, and content creator, and my co-host creates and sells spiritual candles, so her session was perfect for us. Regarding monetization, Britany’s advice was this: worry less about downloads numbers and chasing sponsorships. Instead, measure success by the increase in sales, leads generated, and email list growth as a result of creating a well-crafted podcast.


Chrisella Herzog from Humble & Hustle Studio (sponsor at SPL)

She Podcasts Live was like a warm cocoon – a soft place to emerge from pandemic life back into real life. Jess and Elsie did an amazing job of curating an event that was fun but informative, welcoming but organized, and jam-packed but down-to-earth.
I loved how the conference’s feminine energy meant that no one felt like they were being talked over or down on, and everyone was welcome. From Cameron Esposito of Queery as the opening keynote to the BIPOC networking hour, I was so impressed at the range of diversity brought to this event. I can’t wait for the next one!

Shireen Hosseini from Humble & Hustle Studio (sponsor at SPL)

This was my first year attending She Podcasts Live! Going to conferences, especially for the first time, can feel intimidating.
Jess and Elsie did an incredible job creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and included. But beyond that, all of the women at the conference also take up this mantle. From each presentation to the keynotes to the parties, there was never a moment where I did not feel like I would be welcomed in to every conversation, where I would be seen and heard and valued.
This is so rare – not just in a huge conference, but in business and in organizations and in so many aspects of life for women. It was refreshing. It was humbling. It was NEEDED. Thank you for this experience!


Clara Harris from Swamp Witch Studio

My primary goal at SPL21 was to make meaningful connections – not transactional, not a simple exchange of business cards, not just subscribing to everyone’s podcast – real, meaningful connections that would expand beyond the boundaries of the conference to support my own growth and that of those with whom those connections are made.
Consequently, I didn’t attend a session every single time slot. Instead, I prioritized fostering those connections. That was made possible because of the intention and planning of Jess, Elsie, and their team.
The location allowed for quiet conversations and happenstance meetings as we nurtured ourselves – in whatever way that showed up for each of us. The intention of nurturing was evident throughout the event, allowing me to nurture relationships with new friends and colleagues.

Carolyn Cohen with Wellness While Walking Walking Podcast

I promised my podcast listeners I was going to reach out to and speak with 3 new people a day as I tend to be quiet at first and social connections are SO important for health.
The lesson was to sit down at each session next to someone, not in a seat next to empty seats. Say hello and simply introduce you itself. Great conversations and new connections resulted.
One nice woman I sat down next to and chatted with at the very first session turned out to be Lian Dolan, someone I’ve listened to for years. SPL attendees are the best, and I’m so happy I attended!

From Brilliant Observations Comedy Podcast

Amy Fugazi

This show is unlike anything else in the industry. Most podcast conferences push you to monetize, strategize, advertise, capitalize on your audience size — all the ‘izes.
She Podcasts focuses on you. Your voice, your strength, your unique assets. How you can define your goals and develop systems so you can achieve them.
We’re not making widgets. We’re sharing meaningful work with the world. She Podcasts Live respects that. Brilliant Observations

Melissa Brilliant

Free jeans? Yes please. Brilliant Observations

My heart swells at the thought that we were able to bring this brilliant group of people together to learn and support each other.  She Podcasts built a net of friendships that will carry on in life, business and most importantly Podcasting.  I can’t wait to see you next year! Much love.
😊 ❤️ Cori

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