Key Takeaways — The Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022

Latino Podcast Listener Report Graphic for the official August 16 relwease with Edison's Gabriel Soto on the left and Libsyn's Elsie Escobar on the right.

This year’s Latino Podcast Listener Report hosted by Gabriel Soto, Director of Research at Edison Research and Libsyn’s Director of Community and Content, Elsie Escobar, includes exciting information about the growing, maturing Latino podcast audience for creators and advertisers alike.


Since 2020, the Latino podcast listenership has grown by 14%. This growth is continual and reflects U.S. living Latinos 18+ years of age. There was, of course, a peak during the height of covid and then a bit of a dip, but the increase was largely steady. 

This growth is also greatly encouraging as it shows that the majority, who started listening in 2020, have kept listening to podcasts as the world begins to open up. 

Chart detailing the percent of Latinos 18+ who listen to podcasts, 2020-2022

English vs. Spanish — Podcasts & Advertising

One might think that respondents would be listening primarily to Spanish-speaking podcasts, but that is not the case. Remember 70% of respondents were born in the U.S. 

In fact, 90% said they have listened to a podcast mostly in English and 64% said they had listened to a podcast mostly in Spanish. 

And, 76% are very used to having advertisements on their podcasts.

Overall, respondents are not bothered by English advertisements. They are fine with both Spanish and English.  

  • 53% say they listen to both English and Spanish ads 
  • 9% have no preference
  • 17% actually prefer English-speaking ads.

Only 21% of U.s. Latino podcast listeners prefer Spanish-speaking advertisements.

When asked how they feel about English-speaking ads on Spanish podcasts, only 11-14% said it even bothered them. 

Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022 detailing response to English vs. Spanish ads by Spanish listeners

That’s good news for advertisers who want to reach a Latino audience.

Behavior in Response to Podcast Advertisements

This is where we were really blown away by the Report results, essentially a testament to the loyalty of the Latino podcast listener when presented with meaningful and relevant content. The following 2 slides from the presentation really speak for themselves. 

Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022 Stats on listener behavior when hearing a podcast ad from seeking more information to buying the product or service.

Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022 Stats on listener behavior when hearing a podcast ad from seeking more information to buying the product or service; broken down by listening frequency

Those are response rates that are well worth paying attention to!

A Call for Latino Creators!

Unsurprisingly, TOPICS are what drive Latinos to listen to podcasts. 54% responded that they listened to their first podcast based on it covering a topic in which they were interested. The host or artist on the podcast also took up a 43% draw. 

This means that MORE Latino podcast creators across a wide variety of topics would be very much welcome in the podcast space. 

These listeners WANT to hear their own people sharing their own expertise, experiences, advice, etc. on topics across the board that need not be Latino-centric. 

If you’re looking to explore podcasting, Libsyn is a great place to start. Here you’ll find a ton of resources to help you move from Concept and Creation to Publishing & Monetizing your very first podcast. It’s all waiting for YOU!

For the full report, please visit Edison Research here.

To watch the official replay of the Latino Podcast Listener Report 2023, see below.

And finally, For some more personal insights about the study take a look at this Twitter thread from Libsyn’s Elsie Escobar!

A Note to Advertisers

If you are encouraged to explore what advertising to the Latino podcast audience can do for you, please email sales(at)advertisecast(dot)com!

The Latino Podcast Listener Report 2022 was sponsored by Adonde Media, Libsyn, LWC Studios, PRX and SXM Media.

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