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Podcast Advertising Stats

$1+ Billion

Projected amount of podcast advertising spend by 2021 — growing 85% year over year. The secret is out, podcast ads work!

104 Million

Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. And the number grows substantially every year.


of people bought something a host had promoted on their show in a survey  of 300,000 listeners 

2x Facebook

Podcasts drive twice the ad awareness of Facebook

Today, podcast advertising is one of THE most effective mediums for sales. If, like most, you’ve had great success with your podcast buy and want to increase scale, we’ve got a couple of tips to make it super easy and effective. 

The Great Podcast Advertising Match

If you’ve experienced success, it is likely because your ad is running on a podcast that is well-matched with your product and whose audience finds your ad relevant to their interests and lifestyles. The goal is to keep this level of integration with every additional podcast you select when scaling up.

This means taking the time and putting in the effort to research podcasts. In addition to fitting your niche, the podcasts you choose should be publishing new content on a regular basis, reaching a definable audience, and hopefully, promoting continual growth. That’s why being able to search by demographics rather than the show is so important.

Work with a Podcast Advertising Network 

Rather than spend your time doing this all-consuming podcast research, we recommend working with a network, like Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace.

A network allows groups of podcasts to work together to find advertisers and sponsors. These networks have managers who make podcast advertising deals. If you join a network as an advertiser, you can collaborate with a manager who will be familiar with which shows are exactly right for your product or service.

The Libsyn Difference

At Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace you are buying the AUDIENCE, not the podcast. 

All too often podcast buyers approach podcast ad buying like they have done for years with print and digital — looking at an audience ranking of the top shows for their target consumer and buying a few of the largest shows with the most reach; often with short flight dates. 

Most listeners subscribe to multiple podcasts and do not listen to every episode of the shows they subscribe to. For this reason, our approach is to help brands buy across several, or even dozens, of podcasts as insurance for reaching their target audience, wherever they listen to podcast content, across one or multiple genres. 

Simply put, we at Libsyn suggest buyers hedge their bet across many cost-efficient shows instead of a few requiring high out-of-pocket investment. 

In effect, why buy 1 podcast, when you can buy 10?

So Much More than Ad Placement

We manage the entire process of buying across our 3,000 podcasts. From campaign planning, liaising with show hosts, and facilitating spot production to scheduling optimizations and post-campaign reporting and measurement. This is all done on our industry-leading platform with proprietary technology that gives our clients the edge for executing successful podcast ad campaigns. 

With our successful track record of helping thousands of advertisers develop long-tail podcast strategies that truly scale, AdvertiseCast can give your brand a larger and longer presence in-market.       

Whether you’re just interested in learning more about this exciting new medium or you’re ready to dive in and create your first campaign, your AdvertiseCast sales rep will walk you through the entire process. 

If you’re looking for more data on why audio advertising is a necessary element to add to your marketing plan, read The Long-Term Audio Strategy — Trending.

Get a Free Campaign Proposal

Each campaign we create is personally tailored to meet your specific advertising goals, including scaling your ad spend up or down. The shows we select are based on a number of criteria including topical matches, listener demographics, airing deadlines, budget restrictions, and more. In addition, we now have capabilities to target on GEO (City, State, Zip, DMA, POI, etc).

Connect with us and we’ll leverage our industry-leading experience to create a winning campaign for you. Visit us today for a free advertising consultation. 


Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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