Podcaster Panic Fueled By Feedburner Broken Counting Code

avoid issues with feedburner and use libsyn RSS feed

It seems that the podcasting community has been all aflutter due to some weirdness going on with Feedburner that started this Friday September 21.

The problem as stated on their blog:

We have been encountering difficulties with our stats production pipeline for data representing Sept 19th and 20th, 2012. We are currently working to solve the issue.”

There are quite a substantial amount of podcasters that use Feedburner as the feed that they submit into iTunes, and given what seems to be an attention getting blog post by Feedburner’s competitor earlier this month, this technical issue caused quite a few podcasters to get panic attacks.

And what do podcasters (and bloggers for that matter) do when panic ensues? They take it to social media* and reach out to the podcasting experts for what should I do???

Here is a calm and well thought out response from one of the most well-known podcasting experts about the whole matter.

Very much worth a read if you are using Feedburner.

Now, you know, you could simply have avoided the anxiety and simply use the libsyn feed.

Just sayin’ 😉

Changing your iTunes Feedburner feed to your libsyn feed

Now if you do want to change your iTunes Feedburner feed to your libsyn feed follow these quick instructions.

  1. Go into your libsyn UI – and click on “Destinations”
  2. Click on “Libsyn Classic Feed” (or whatever you renamed it to) on the left.
  3. Click on “Advanced Options”
  4. Scroll down to “Extra RSS Tags” and add the following in the text box: <itunes:new-feed-url>http://ACCOUNTNAME.libsyn.com/rss</itunes:new-feed-url>

Where ACCOUNTNAME = your shows unique account name (slug) with libsyn.

This should be the same URL as what you currently have feedburner pointing to.

By adding the above, anyone that is subscribed with iTunes or Apple Podcasts App – will automatically be switched over to your source feed.

It will also change the feed listed in iTunes to your libsyn source feed.

This way you can at least rest assured if Feedburner does go down in the future you have at least saved all your iTunes subscribers.

*NOTE: link above was to the twitter search #feedburner on Sept. 22, so if you are clicking through later, search results may not be relevant

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