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A podcasting education is integral to podcasting. I’ve been teaching podcasting for more than a decade. In fact, back when I started, I was asked to do a “How To Podcast Workshop” a year after I had started my podcast!

Here are my receipts circa July 2007! 

Many things have changed in podcasting and in the the-how-to-get-started space. Back in the day, I got 90% of the basics on getting started from physical books! Now the amount of free online resources from groups to videos to courses is immense.

I wanted to provide a quick list of the best, easy-access resources that I know of for folks to get started or refine their podcasting endeavors. 

As I got to curating my list, I decided to reach out to our Twitter followers for some resources that I might have missed, and what they shared was a huge surprise! 

And not. 

The best podcasting education is to podcast.

Of course, you need the getting-started steps

You need to learn about podcast hosting and getting your podcast into Apple Podcasts and Spotify and the best podcasting gear, but the education does not end when you publish that first show. 

Education comes through actually podcasting

Trial and error. 

Doing it again, but better. 

Testing things out. 

Here are some of the tweets shared with us that really drive this point home 




And then there’s the Podcasting Community! 

Of course, it also helps to be part of a podcasting community of like-minded people who share your vision and can relate to your journey. You’ll find that fellow podcasters are some of the most generous people when it comes to sharing tips, tricks, ideas, what works and what doesn’t. Podcasters tend to genuinely want to help one another succeed. 

And there are a lot of communities out there. Take Afros & Audio, a group of independent podcasters dedicated to curating accessible and inclusive events and spaces for and by Black Podcast Creatives & Audio Professionals.

Or, She Podcasts, a group of independent female podcasters who offer support, education, and inspiration centering women and other femme vibing marginalized genders in podcasting!

And those are just some podcasting communities to join to LEARN and grow. Some communities are free, others not, some on social media channels, others on their own platforms and everything in between. 

A lot of these communities also have corresponding resources all about getting started podcasting and growing your podcast.

Connect with them and check out what they can offer YOU. 

Here’s a list of my faves (and please feel free to @ reply me on Twitter if I missed some pivotal ones! I’m sure that I did):

Libsyn Podcasting Resources

There is a ton of information available from podcasting hosts like Libsyn to support podcasters on every stage of their journey. You’ll find articles, blogs, videos, and more on everything from How to Start a Podcast, to stats, growth, and monetization. It’s all just a click away!

Speaking of Podcasts about Podcasting …

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the very meta podcasts about podcasting! 

Listening to other podcasts that cover the space is a great way to educate yourself. 

This list of the best podcasts about podcasting, 2022 includes The Feed as well as Libsyn’s Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting. Here is a list of Podcast Pros that I curated for the #ClaimPodParity Campaign that I know you’ll enjoy. Tap through, subscribe and follow. 

What has been the best resource you have found to learn about podcasting and how to podcast? Tap through to this tweet and add it to the thread! I’d love to keep your insights going so that we can all … KEEP PODCASTING!

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