Podcasting Luminaries: The Manic Mommies

The amazing Manic Mommies hosted at libsyn

Working mothers talking about motherhood, kids, life, parenthood and everything else! Who would have thought that it would be going on for 7 years this July. That is indeed impressive. Kristin and Erin the Manic Mommies have managed to consistently publish content, build raving fans, have a yearly Mom Escape which includes their listeners, all with some pretty awesome sponsors!

These ladies are truly Podcasting Luminaries! If you are a Mom or just thinking of becoming a Mom you MUST subscribe

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

The Manic Mommies podcast hosted at libsyn

Validation and community – Manic Mommies is a podcast for moms “managing the chaotic combination of work and family.” We started it as two working moms who were feeling very isolated and like we were the only ones struggling. Turned out we were not alone!

What is your most memorable feedback from a listener?

There have been so many moments – with our annual highlight being meeting listeners at our Manic Mommies Escape – but the one that comes immediately to mind was from a mother who, after hearing my son was diagnosed with dyslexia realized her daughter, who she always thought was “just like” my son, probably had the same learning disability. Several weeks later she was able to confirm through medical diagnosis.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

We are much more portable – using a portable Tascam audio recorder. The other big change is that Erin moved to Rochester New York, so we now connect through iChat, record our sides of the conversation on Tascam recorders, and I “merge” the sides in Garage Band.

The Manic Mommies and their sponsor Chevy

How important is podcasting to the success of other revenue generating opportunities you currently have?

We feel that podcasting differentiates us even as mom blogs continue to grow. It also works perfectly with our audience, on the go moms!

Did you start off podcasting and that lead into a business or did you seepodcasting as a necessary support for an existing business?

Manic Mommies was started as experiment/sandbox through which I could learn about Social Media for my day job (Sundin Associates). It is only because of our amazingly loyal audience, and supporters like Chevrolet, that it became a business!

Interested in contacting Erin or Kristin, you can reach out to them via their listener feedback line 508 644 8434 and of course, remember to subscribe 🙂

If you are Mom and are looking to get away….Consider doing it with the Manic Mommies! They have a fantastic Mom Escape every year! This year’s event will be taking place on November 9-11.

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