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Keeping up with this podcasting thing is not easy.

We’ve been in the podcasting game since 2004 and have seen a gazillion podcasts (and that’s a total fact) come through libsyn. We’ve observed the longevity of podcasts for almost a decade.

Here is just one very important piece of data:

Sustaining your podcast is the hardest thing to do.

We have a constant amount of new podcasts being created daily.

We have a core group of long running producers that have been creating content consistently since 2004–2006.

There is another large group of podcasters that seem to struggle staying in production beyond a year or two and understandably so. Its no easy task!

We can deduce from that data, that we get all fired up about creating content and letting our voice ring out for all to hear. We are fueled purely by passion….and then reality hits.

This podcasting thing takes time, commitment, consistency, organization, persistence and tons of patience.

It becomes a lot harder to sustain, especially when our passion perhaps begins to dwindle a little (kinda like when you fall in love and start to come out of that whole honeymoon stage of a relationship…)

Now it’s work.

And perhaps, no one is listening?

Perhaps no one is commenting?

Perhaps stats aren’t as high as you’d want them to be?

And where’s the moolah?

Learn the Secrets of Podcasting from the Best

Our Podcasting Luminaries Series has been designed to share the wisdom of those long running podcasters that have been consistently producing content for 6–8 years so we all get a chance to glean some of their secrets of longevity.

Each one of the Luminaries shares killer key insight into podcasting, all of it coming from a very unique perspective.

Up to this moment we’ve featured 31 Podcasting Luminaries. Keep an eye out because more Luminaries are coming soon!

In case you missed them, following are a list of those podcasters that have already shared their wisdom:

Phedippidations with Steve Runner

Polymer Clay

Genealogy Gems Podcast


Gamertag Radio

Dan Carlin

Grammar Girl

Keith and The Girl


Never Not Funny

Fastpitch Softball TV with Gary Leland

Duct Tape Marketing

Steve Stanger

A Window To The Magic

Cliff Ravenscraft

Internet Business Mastery

The Saintcast

Marketing Over Coffee

Evo Terra

Mur Lafferty

CC Chapman


Scott Sigler

Don McAllister from ScreencastsOnline

The Manic Mommies

Victor Cajiao

The Jersey Beat Podcast

Chaz Rough From YOGAmazing

Dave’s Lounge

Wayne Brekke

My Take Radio

So what is the hardest thing about sustaining your podcast? Be honest and let us know in the comments!

Image credit via CC Luminaries by Andy.Schultz

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