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Q & A with Marcia from Artemis

When did you start podcasting?

January 2020

Why did you start podcasting?

I love podcasts! I listen to them all the time. Podcasts are one of the primary ways the hunting and fishing community communicates, and it’s a really valuable way to help people learn more about hunting and fishing, wildlife behavior, and important conservation issues.

Not only are women-led hunting and fishing podcasts difficult to come by, women are also rarely featured as guests. Artemis decided to change that. I started a podcast to share women’s stories, break stereotypes of who hunts and fishes and how and why, and bring new perspectives into the national conversation about vitally important conservation issues.

What’s the name of your show and what is it about?

The name of our show is Artemis, and it’s presented by Hunt To Eat. Artemis is about the adventurous and accomplished women hunters and anglers who are redefining conservation through their lives in the field and on the water.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

The show is recorded remotely using Skype and gaming headsets. Skype lets us connect with guests who are tech-savvy enough to work in the app world, while also reaching those folks for whom it’s easier to connect using a landline.

Being nimble enough to connect with landlines has been essential guests in rural areas who lack high-speed internet.

Artemis is edited in Adobe Audition. The Noise Reduction and Graphic Equalizer editing tools help make our phone audio sound rich and warm.

And lastly… our killer music was produced by Nash Howe at Nahla Creative. Commissioning music let us establish our signature sound blended with the sounds of the great outdoors, like a raptor scream and an elk bugle.

How have you promoted your podcast?

We promote our podcasts each week through our social media, Instagram and Facebook. Artemis also has over 40 volunteer ambassadors across the country who help spread the word through their Instagram and Facebook profiles.

We recently started an Artemis Podcast Facebook Group to deepen the conversation with our listeners.

We frequently partner with other conservation organizations, groups, and businesses to reach a broader network and encourage engagement through raffles and giveaways.

We often speak on other podcasts to talk about the important work Artemis is doing and share our personal stories.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

How loudly I breathe and how long it can take me to get a question out!

I’ve learned a lot about interviewing guests – how to keep the conversation on track, how to draw out nervous or reluctant guests, how not to be uncomfortable with silence if it leads to deeper thinking.

I’ve had the wonderful support and direction from podcast producer Monica Gokey. I can’t imagine doing this without her.

If you love hunting and fishing or interested in wildlife and conservation, regardless of gender, this is an amazing show to subscribe to. Go subscribe NOW!

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