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Q & A with Michelle from Disney Dream Girls

When did you start podcasting?

I originally began podcasting around 2011 on another Disney podcast called The Minnie Minxes.

When my co-host left I decided to re-brand and start with a fresh identity so my current show, The Disney Dream Girls, was then born in 2013.

Why did you start podcasting?

Purely by accident!

There was a podcast at the time that had it’s listeners on to share a trip report, which I did in early 2011.

I became hooked and when the opportunity arose to become a host on The Minnie Minxes happened, I jumped at the chance!

What’s your show about?

Our podcast is hosted by two UK women, which is a rarity within the Disney podcasting community, and our show is predominantly about the Disney theme parks, however we do through in other things Disney related or that visitors to a Disney park can do whilst in the area.

Originally we just focussed on Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida but earlier this year we also began covering Disneyland in California and more recently we are now seeking to add more Disneyland Paris content.

In our shows we have features and interviews led by either ourselves or guests that may be well known in the Disney fan community such as Disney employees, authors and even fellow podcasters.

Our content really doesn’t age as we do not have a news segment and we like to consider ourselves as a light hearted but informative guide to get the most from holidays or even daydreams about spending time at a Disney park.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I suppose a lesson I learnt along the way is keep hold of your feed, we moved to a podcast network and changed our feed.

When the network ended we lost lots of listeners and it took awhile to inform listeners what had happened. So I repeat – don’t loose your feed – hang on it it!

Are you one of those Disney fanatics that happens to be looking to dive deeper into more Disney? Then the Disney Dream Girls are the ones to fulfill the Disney LOVE. You can subscribe via iTunes US or UK – take your pic 🙂

Have you accidentally stumbled into podcasting and all of a sudden you just wanna do it? Well then, we are perfect for each other! Host your podcast media with us!

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