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Q & A with Inspector Mama

When did you start podcasting?

I recorded the first Inspector Mama podcast episode in 2018. I spent months researching what sort of microphone I should purchase and how to actually podcast.

Why did you start podcasting?

I started podcasting because I needed to pivot my business. I had a new baby and a new job. So, I didn’t have time for my business anymore. It was a way for me to continue working with new parents.

What’s the name of your show and what is it about?

My podcast is called Inspector Mama.

It’s a show about baby safety, child proofing, and all of the little things that new parents worry about. It’s the podcast for parents that want to know if there is lead in the dirt outside of their home or in their tap water.

My profession is in Environmental Health and I’m a Registered Environmental Health Specialist – a.k.a. a health inspector. My specialties are food safety and children’s environmental health. I incorporate my professional knowledge into the podcast.

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

I keep it easy-peasy. I have a Blue Yeti microphone and I use GarageBand to record and edit. Libsyn is my podcast host.

How have you promoted your podcast?

I have used Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. I also attended Pregnancy + Parenting Conferences in my area, before Covid. I think the conferences helped the most and I’m looking forward to the time after COVID when they resume.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

It’s not that complicated, but you can make it complicated. I thought I needed a fancy studio and it paralyzed me a bit.

So, I would just say just do it!

It’s okay to go unscripted. Sometimes, those podcast episodes tend to be the best.

Knowing more about how to keep your babies safe and protected is always a great idea…listen to Inspector Mama on Apple Podcasts and Spotify or connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.

Inspector Mama, Carla Catalan offers Baby Safety Coaching – for the parents that need help baby proofing their house. They meet via Zoom and ID the areas that need immediate attention. Overwhelmed? Carla’s got you! We can help!

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