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Nerd out Loud

This series is all about libsyn’s newest podcasters. Its sole purpose is to introduce these awesome podcasts to the world as well as share their podcasting insight to empower the community!

Q & A with Jeremy from Nerd Out Loud

When did you start podcasting?

May 2013

Why did you start podcasting?

I have been listening to podcasts for years and am a big time enthusiast, also I am just narcissistic enough to think people care what we have to talk about

What’s your show about?

Nerd Out Loud explores the idiosyncrasies and oddities of life as we discuss the things that we nerd out about and you nerd out about and everybody nerds out about.

We talk about the stuff we (and others) nerd out about, sometimes its “little” stuff like a recent show all about halloween candy, sometimes its bigger stuff like a recent show were we spoke with an ultra distance marathon runner who runs 100+ miles straight, for fun!

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

Sure SM58 mics into a zoom recorder directly, if it is more than 2 of us recording then we run the mics into a sound board and output that to the zoom digital recorder.

Edit in Garageband/Audacity and of course host with libsyn!

How have you promoted your podcast?

Started out with just promoting on social media and word of mouth with our existing friends, I started a podcast community on Facebook and am active on the podcast subreddit.

We also have guested on some other shows both together and individually and try and have lots of interesting guests on ours.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Production wise the show is still not quite where I want it but even with that we have come a LONG way since our first few episodes.

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If you are already nerding out about stuff or just wanna go off and nerd out (you know it’s time) then subscribe to Nerd Out Loud! You can also start the process by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

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