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Q & A with Greg Elwell

When did you start podcasting?

I published my first podcast in November, 2012.

Why did you start podcasting?

My journey as a podcaster began as a listener back in 2006.

I loved listening to business and marketing shows while going for runs in the park or driving alone in my car. Then around ’09 – ’10 it seemed many of the podcasters I listened to stopped producing shows, and my interest waned, too.

Things picked back up in 2012 and many new shows came on the scene. I began to discover people in my industry beginning to not only start shows, but do really well with them (like Michael Stelzner’s Social Media Marketing Podcast).

I started my show, the B2B Inbound Expert Interviews Podcast, for a number of reasons. First, I wanted to expand my content marketing beyond the blog, differentiate myself, and further build my platform.
I saw podcasting as a way to also deepen my connection and relationship with followers of my blog.

Secondly, I’m passionate about helping to equip and inspire others to do their best work, ever. And finally, I wanted to have fun!

I have a background and deep affinity for the performing arts, producing shows, and working the equipment side of things. I love the act of producing each show, and try and put a touch of my personality and creativity in each one.

What’s your show about?

The B2B Inbound Expert Interviews podcast is an interview based show (though I’ve done a couple solo episodes). I interview authors, business leaders, innovators, marketers and entrepreneurs who have demonstrated passion and expertise in some aspect of digital marketing and the ecosystem involved in building a successful online business.

My business focus is on B2B marketing, so I try and focus discussions within the context of B2B (business to business sales and marketing).

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

I’m an alumnus of Cliff Ravencraft’s Podcasting A to Z, so I’ve got the recommended “package” of base components: Heil PR–40 mic, Mackie 1402 mixer and the Roland R–05 digital audio recorder.

I use Skype to conduct my interviews and I’m on a PC. I use Sound Byte to play music beds, sound effects and other audio clips. And, I use Audacity in post-production. My typical workflow is to record both ends of the interview over Skype into the Roland DAR.

I use Libsyn (of course) to host my media files. And I’ve burned my podcast feed through Feedburner, and that is what updates iTunes when new shows are posted.

As a HubSpot certified partner, my website is also on the HubSpot CMS, and this is where my shows are found online. It took a bit of doing to figure out how to effectively produce a podcast on a HubSpot blog and website.

With this setup there isn’t great support for podcasters, as HubSpot doesn’t provide a utility like the PowerPress podcast plugin for WordPress. So, it’s taken a little “engineering” to get everything to work and looking great.

Fortunately, the Libsyn HTML5 player works really well for my situation. I have a process where I take the embed code from the Libsyn player, drop it in Dreamweaver, update some links, then copy-paste the HTML code (wrapped in Div tags) from that into my show notes page on HubSpot.

I also have a directory page on my website that has a listing of all the shows in a table format. I can do a pretty link-like URL, and have, for some shows gone that route. But most often I just announce on the show that show notes for that episode can be found by going to

How have you promoted your podcast?

The usual stuff: RSS and email subscription, social media sharing, asking listeners to subscribe in iTunes, leave a rating and review, etc. My show is listed in the 4 top directories.

Because I interview experts I encourage them to share the show with their networks as well. I also provide Click-to-Tweets in the show notes and this has worked out pretty well.

I’m currently having new artwork created and as soon as that’s set to go I’m going to get into the program where Libsyn will build standalone smart phone apps and look to promote my podcast heavily through them.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I didn’t know how important it was to come out of the gates strong when first listing with iTunes. I wished I had known what I learned from John Lee Dumas in his book Podcast Launch about how to get into iTunes New & Noteworthy section. Sigh.

If you are looking to level up your B2B marketing then the B2B Inbound Expert Interviews Podcast is the way to go! With Greg’s expertise and passion, you can’t go wrong! All you have to do now is subscribe.

You can also connect with Greg via twitter or even reach out to him via SpeakPipe!

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