She Podcasts Live, It Was Magic!

How has it already been a week since She Podcasts Live?

I went to the She Podcasts Live women’s podcaster conference to represent Libsyn, support Elsie and Jess, connect with our customers, introduce Libsyn to a few new faces, and hand out some bright new #podcaster tees.

I was focused on making sure booth materials were delivered for the conference and had almost no expectations as to how it might be different.

It was different. 

Elsie and Jess and their team, wow, just WOW. I hope you are getting some rest and time to recharge. You deserve it.

You made some real magic in bringing women together in the very intentional way you did for She Podcasts Live.

Your combined voice was so fiercely clear about the WHY of this conference that everyone who attended seemed united in a refreshing sense of purpose and community.

If you are questioning if this the event for you for next year, follow She Podcasts and check out the social media tags #spl19, #shepodcastslive, #shepodcasts, #shepodcastslive19 to get the full scope of this event. Read through the posts, look at all the smiling faces, and the diversity. It was powerful for all the reasons.

While there were many memorable takeaways from the conference, a handful of my favs are below.

Seeing Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman Together
As the founders of She Podcasts and the genius women behind a crazy successful Kickstarter campaign, Elsie and Jessica were a class-act throughout the conference. Impeccable. While you hear their banter behind the mic and see it in social media, seeing them together is different. REAL PEOPLE doing a big thing for the first time, in podcasting, while maintaining a friendship, that is a whole other level. I want to grab my best bud and start a podcast ASAP.

The Entire She Podcast Live Crew
Emily Prokop from The Story Behind podcast. She just kept appearing throughout the conference and doing all the things. I do not know what she drinks in the morning, but I need to get me some.

Everyone in one of the pink shirts helping run the conference, fantastic work. As an exhibitor, I appreciated the pace of the event and where you created space for personal connections. The venue and schedule lent itself to the opportunity to connect more, and I heard the same from numerous attendees.

Tears and Affirmations
Tears and affirmations were ever-present throughout the sessions and gatherings. Head nods, hugs, tears, a cheer, or an arm raised in an affirming expression of I get it; I’ve been there, you are talking to me. From meeting a most admired podcaster for the first time to an overwhelming connection to a speaker or fellow conference attendee, both joy and connectedness intertwined perfectly.

Libsyn Mic and Mentorship Giveaway
The opportunity to help podcasters beyond our platform was perfection. Offering the chance to win a mentorship with the Elsie Escobar or Rekha Murthy plus new quality recording equipment including a Heil PR 30 and Scarlett 2i2 Focusrite was a gift to me as much as it was to the winners. Pamela Smith from It’s All Mental and Heather Ash from Happiness Mama; we are so happy for you both. I know you both are excited, but I am pretty darn pumped to ship you the Heil PR 30 and see where your podcast goes in 2020.

Real Conversations You Will Not Hear At Other Podcast Conferences
Several times throughout the conference, I just kept thinking, this is the only place I am going to hear this perspective on this topic unless I go again next year. From the incredible stories of the women from Cocktails and Cancer to Katie Krimitsos balance between motherhood and podcasting to all the little intimate conversations happening throughout the conference. You didn’t need to be of the same background, beliefs, stage of life, or podcasting to take away something essential from the speakers and fellow conference attendees.


I wrote this line down as I heard Elsie say it in one of her moments on the main stage, “Podcasting for its own sake is absolutely magic.”


Thank you, Elsie, Jess, and crew for four days full of magic.

Sparkly, blinking, flower crown party forever!


I am still in awe of Suzanne from Sit Down With Suzanne at the end of the Libsyn party, pitching her podcast. You were on point. Happy Birthday month!


Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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