Libsyn’s Podcast Movement 2019 Session Schedule

Libsyn Podcast Movement 2019 Sessions

We are super proud of all of our Libsyn Team’s participation at Podcast Movement. When it comes to podcasting information, whether it be tactics, strategy, analysis or industry punditry, we have you covered!

Below you will find all of the Libsyn Team’s sessions during Podcast Movement 2019.


10:15 am Does Thinking About Starting a Podcast Make You Wet Your Pants? With Dave Jackson

Location: Fireside Chat Stage

Dave Jackson is well known for his ability to break complex things down into the most digestible understandable bits and pieces of information. In this session Dave will do that for those that are starting their podcast. If you feel like you are super overwhelmed by the prospect of everything that you need to do to start a podcast, this is the session for you!

10:15 am In The Real World Do Podcasts Need Ads? Panel moderated by Kerri Hoffman

Location: Gatlin E2

Elsie Escobar will have a chance to join a riveting conversation about whether or not podcasts need ads. The variety of points of view and diverse experience of Sarah Van Mosel, CRO at Stitcher, Nicola Korzenko, General Manager at Podfund, deftly moderated by Kerri Hoffman, CEO of PRX will provide podcasters lots of must know insight and wisdom!

1:30 pm Help Us Help You: Tech Support Tips for Podcasters Panel moderated by MacKenzie Bennett

Location: Gatlin E6

Something to expect when podcasting is troubleshooting. Sometimes it can be due to your microphone, cables, bandwidth, websites, plug-ins, RSS feeds, file encoding, ID3 tags, artwork, and on and on and on. Podcast hosting companies support teams spend all of their days making sure that you don’t pull out all of your hair 😅 In this panel you’ll get some behind the scenes and amazing tips and tricks to best communicate with support teams and also empower yourself toward the path of least hitting your head against the wall.

In addition to Dave, the panel is comprised of MacKenzie Bennett, Marketing Service Coordinator, Blubrry Podcasting, Mike Dell, Customer Support Manager, Podcast Help Desk / Blubrry Podcasting and Shannon Martin Director of Communications, Podbean LLC.

1:30 pm Disrupting Spaces: How Women of Color Are Using Podcasting To Be Seen, Be Heard, and Reclaim Space – A Panel Discussion moderated by Tangia Estrada

Location: Gatlin E3

An incredible panel where women leaders will provide ideas, tools and resources on how women of color and others can push the space to be more inclusive. If you would like to expand your understanding of diversity and inclusion for yourself and your show, get YOU to this panel!

In addition to Elsie, the panel consists of Jeanette Woods Story and Talent Curator, AIR, Michelle Jackson, “What Beyonce, Jay Z, and Taylor Swift Understand About Content Marketing that Podcasters Don’t,” Michelle is Money Hungry, Robin Kinnie, President, Motor City Woman Studios and Audio Engineers of Detroit, Shereen Lani Younes, filmmaker, Ethnically Ambiguous, Tangia Estrada, That’s What She Did Podcast and The Skin You’re In Podcast


10:15 The State of Podcasting Panel moderated by Elsie Escobar

Location: Gatlin E1

In this panel wise and experienced voices in podcasting will join in an energetic dialogue about the state of podcasting. The conversation will not only dive into data like IAB 2.0 specs and how it affects the industry but also expand into a conversation that takes the discussion outside of the U.S. and legacy media to address the growth of the industry from a global and inclusive perspective.

In this panel expect to hear brilliance from Juleyka Lantigua-Williams CEO, Lantigua Williams & Co., Martina Castro, Founder & CEO, Adonde Media, Todd Cochrane, CEO, Blubrry and Julian Soler from the IAB.

2:45 pm Yes that Marketing Advice for your Podcast is BS 2019 with Rob Walch

Location: Gatlin A3/A4

If there’s ONE session that you cannot miss it’s this one. Rob Walch is known for bringing facts, data via all kinds of hardcore metrics will blow your mind. Not exaggerating. This year, Rob is not only bringing you the updated data that he has historically shared, but also unveiling new metrics that are surprising to say the least!

4:15 pm New Media Show Live with Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane

Location: Keynote / Live Stage (Gatlin B)

The New Media Show, the show where truth telling and no holds barred conversation is commonplace (and we love it!) will be live streamed! Everyone can watch! And if you’re attending #PM19 of course you have to be there in real life! Co-hosts Rob Greenlee and Todd Cochrane are podcasting pros and they have some incredible guests, including, our very own Rob Walch VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn, Sarah Van Mosel, CRO at Stitcher and Lindsay Bowen of Pandora.


10 am Broadcasters Meet Podcasters Speed Mentoring presented by Jacobs Media (Featuring Elsie Escobar, Dave Jackson and Rob Greenlee)

Jacobs Media comes back to Podcast Movement once again with an amazing track which seeks to “combine the energy and electricity of the podcasting space with the expertise, talent, and reach of the broadcasting world.”

You can read a fantastic article summarizing content and mission right here!

Three of our Libsyn Team members will be participating in Broadcasters Meet Podcasters during the Speed Mentoring Session! Come and get some speed mentoring from Elsie, Dave and Rob and other leading experts at 10 am over at the Conway Ballroom!

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