Top 5 Tips for Creating Podcast Advertising in 2023

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When you are creating podcast advertising it is foremost, an opportunity to present loyal listeners with a call to action that facilitates desired behaviors and/or sales. To that end, we bring you five tips to help keep you focused on creating podcast advertising that really works.

1. Make your message clear

What is the purpose of your ad? Is it to increase brand awareness? To get listeners to visit a website, buy a product, donate or support? Don’t try to do one or more of these things. You have a 30 or 60-second spot and if you try to do too much, you’ll do nothing.

In addition, make sure that your ad is speaking DIRECTLY to your target audience. Do some research. Know what music might appeal, what tone of voice. What’s their expendable income? What causes or categories are they passionate about? Will you be hep or serious? Funny or witty? Depends on what you are promoting. The more you know about your audience the easier it is to sell to them.

2. Exact the match between podcast and advertiser

This fit is crucial to your ad’s success, in particular, if it is a host-read ad. In general, those who listen to podcasts do so because they enjoy, respect, and often LOVE the host. The best host-read ads are the ones that the host is passionate about and willing to endorse — better yet, has actually purchased and used the product, or participated in the organization/effort.

When listeners hear how much the host loves something, they are more likely to take action and follow through on the ask. Did you know that in a recent (summer 2022) NuVoodoo survey, they found that well over half of their sample of nearly 1,700 frequent podcast listeners said they’ve taken some sort of action as a result of hearing a commercial in a podcast and between 22% and 34% actually bought (depending on the category of listener).

And, if you are doing automatic ads? Be sure to study listener demographics. If you use a marketplace like Libsyn’s AdvertiseCast Marketplace, the sales team will do this work for you, selecting from 3000+ podcasts to get the ideal buy.

If you’re looking for more data on why audio advertising is a necessary element to add to your marketing plan, read The Long-Term Audio Strategy — Trending.

3. Repetition is your friend

Trust us. When it comes to podcasts, listeners are opting in to listen. They WANT to hear what’s being published — and reinforced. If the same ad plays twice in a podcast, nobody blinks an eye. If the host mentions a product two or even three times, it is usually interpreted that he or she is excited to share it with you.

Podcast listeners also appreciate the fact that they get to listen to podcasts for free because podcasts are funded by advertisers and sponsors. They like the fact that their favorite host is being rewarded for their work. In fact, According to Edison Research, 67% of listeners like hearing ads, compared to 6% for TV & radio and 78% are comfortable hearing podcast ads to support free content.*

Say it and say it again!

*(Source: WARC)

4. When creating podcast advertising, humor is a welcome tool

Obviously, if you are advertising a non-profit charity event for underprivileged children, humor is not your tactic But in many cases, if it’s funny, it will be remembered. Think of humor as a retention tool. Listeners love to laugh and appreciate wit and the unexpected. We have all started a sentence with, “Did you see that cat herding commercial?” OK, maybe not exactly that, but you get it. It also shows that the advertiser doesn’t take themselves too seriously, which in many cases, can be a welcome relief.

5. Keep it short and sweet – to the point!

This is where it all comes around. Much like in tip #1 where we stressed clarity and audience, we come full circle to remind you when creating podcast advertising, to keep it compact. Nobody wants to listen to a diatribe. And a little breathing room, even in a :30 spot is nice. If you are only choosing one purpose, this should make things easier.

Sell the celery, not the supermarket!

We at AdvertiseCast hope this helps you out as you move into exploring the world of podcast advertising.

Have a little fun. Make a little money!


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