Welcome George Lopez to libsynPRO!


Tell Me Your Story plus the Sideshow Network of Comedy Podcasts are now with libsynPRO!

We are honored that George Lopez and the Sideshow Network chose libsynPRO to host their podcasts!

George has been doing such great work in mainstream media with one of the top 5 syndicated shows The George Lopez Show as well as his brand spanking new game show called Take Me Out and now he’s taking the world of podcasting by storm!

George has a new audio podcast (yippee for audio podcasting!) called Tell Me Your Story, where he “features intimate conversations between him and real (or extraordinary) people with extraordinary life stories”.

Check out his podcast on the libsyn directory! 🙂

It’s so inspiring to see such a well known name choose podcasting as another medium to express himself and engage with his community.

George has taken social media by storm corrently having over a million followers (holy cow!) and a very active Facebook Page with over 7 million likes! Wowza!

Guess how he’s sharing his new podcast?

He’s using our awesome Facebook Customized Tab and using the Libsyn Player! Pretty cool!

What? You want your own customized tab to play your podcast on Facebook using the libsyn Player? Go for it. Go HERE to learn how 🙂

Let’s welcome George to the Wizzard Media / libsyn family by giving him some Like love and sharing listening to his podcast via the libsyn app on Facebook!

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

Use code “creator” for up to 2 months free when you start podcasting or move to Libsyn.

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