What’s New – Libsyn Platform Special Update Supporting the New Apple Podcasts Categories

Recently, Apple announced they would be updating the categories in Apple Podcasts.

This update moves some categories around, keeps some categories the same, and adds several new categories as a way to better serve consumers.

If you’re wondering if your category stays the same, has disappeared or has moved, you can find a full list of the newly supported categories here.

And YES, Libsyn is being updated to fully support the new category changes!

Here is the scoop for existing shows.

  • If your category hasn’t changed, it will remain the same.
  • Any category that can be exactly matched but otherwise was moved, will be matched. For example, any feed that had Society & Culture > History will have the new top level History category selected automatically.
  • Any category that has changed and/or cannot be exactly matched will need to be updated manually inside Libsyn. This is done under Settings —> Show Settings —> Category (note, you can select up to 3 categories).
  • In some cases, a category has been completely discontinued. If this is the case, it will be labeled in our category list as such. You will need to update to a new category before being able to save your show settings.

We have updated the interface to include alerts when editing your feed based Destinations or your Show Settings which you will see if your show requires a manual update.

Here is the Libsyn Knowledge Base Article on updating your Show Settings. 

Below, you can see these alerts.

💃🏽If you haven’t submitted your show to Apple Podcasts yet and are just now getting started, do not worry. Your category list is fully updated to match Apple Podcast’s new categories.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly support staff at [email protected].

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