Win A Free Year Of Hosting And Be Part Of A Collective Podcasting Movement

win a free year of podcast hosting

Free year of podcast hosting! Who doesn’t want that?

Three random winners will be chosen from the submissions! You can read the official rules for the Thanks, Podcasting Project  or download them as a PDF.

Existing Libsyn users that have a $40 or greater account will be awarded a free year at their current account level. Existing Libsyn users that have account levels below $40 can choose to upgrade to the $40 level for a full year for free

New Libsyn customers will get a $40 level account for FREE for a full year. .

If you want to know the story behind the why of this project came about, please read this article. It will give you all the WHY you every wanted to know about this project 🙂

Here’s what you need to do to participate!

1) Create a CLEAN piece of audio between 2–10 minutes that tells us a story about the impact of podcasting in your life.

● It can be purely about you.
● It can be purely about your audience.
● It can be around a single incident, piece of feedback, experience inspired by podcasting.
● It can revolve around your general experience of podcasting.

You must open the episode with this script:

“Welcome to Thanks, Podcasting where you’ll get to hear stories of inspiration, transformation and impact because of podcasting. My name is <your name> from <your podcast> over at <website>

You can be as creative as you’d like to be with the audio after the intro. This is YOUR episode. Imagine like this is your show 🙂

You can be as simple and raw as you’d like or go all nuts with adding crazy audio elements. Podcasting has no boundaries!


Prompts you can use:

  • Without podcasting I…
  • It’s because of podcasting that I…
  • It’s when I’m podcasting that I…
  • Podcasting allowed me to…

2) Add these two audio elements to your piece of audio (right click to download the audio file)

3) Encode your final piece of audio


Final audio must be an MP3.

  • Stereo Bit Rate: 192 kpbs (in Mono this gets cut in half)
  • Sample rate: 44 kHz
  • Channels: Mono

4) Add these ID3 tags aka meta data to your audio file:

  • Title: Come up with whatever title you desire
  • Artist: Your name(s) and podcast
  • Album: Thanks, Podcasting
  • Album artist:
  • Artwork: Your podcast artwork
  • Genre: Podcast

5) Upload your audio to your cloud service/store of choice and share it via Twitter using the #ThanksPodcasting hashtag and tag @libsyn.

Get as creative as you’d like sharing via social media! You’re only required to share on Twitter but you can also share to any other social media channels that you dig.

6) Send your audio to [email protected] with the title Thanks, Podcasting no later than November 29, 12am EST.


All submissions will then be aggregated, shared and promoted through the upcoming Thanks, Podcasting podcast, to debut on Thanksiving weekend in the U.S.

Please follow all 6 of the above instructions – if you do not, no soup for you.

If your audio is is shorter than 2 min or longer than 10 min your entry is not valid.
If your final piece of audio is not encoded per the above, your entry is not valid.
If your piece of audio is missing the proper ID3 tags as mentioned above, your entry is not valid.
If you do not email your audio to [email protected] by November 29 12am EST your entry is not valid.

Here’s a check list you can download to make it easy for you 🙂 NOTE: the due date has changed to Nov. 29 12am EST. You can right click to download OR here’s the direct link:

Looking forward to getting your submissions!

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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