Your Favorite Podcasting Microphones

Man do podcasters love their microphones! And it seems that there are a lot of podcasters interested in knowing more about what microphone to use as well as what others use.

We asked on twitter: What’s your favorite podcasting microphone?

It certainly was a lively conversation!

I’m amazed by all the high end microphones our producers are using! I think we’re going to have to do some diggin’ for a future post to provide y’all with some ‘economic’ choices. 🙂

Podcasting Microphones By Podcasters

For those of you that missed the conversation, here are the microphones suggested by podcasters for podcasting:

theRamenNoodle Daniel J. Lewis @libsyn You’ll hear this one a lot: the Heil PR40. #podcasting

jonreadscomics Jon M. Wilson @libsyn The simple bottom-of-the-line Logitech analog headset. Clear reception, no buzz, works like a champ.

karinhoegh Karin Hoegh @libsyn I agree with @theramenNoodle Heil PR40 #podcasting

goodbadgeeky Nick Nitro @libsyn marshal XML condensor mica

ctrlaltdeliver Jim Meeker @karinhoegh @libsyn @theramenNoodle Heil PR40 is not in this teacher’s budget, but is in hopes and dreams #podcasting

mediacastguy MediacastGuy @libsyn Heil PR40

invervegas KDP @libsyn Fav mic for podcasting: Behringer C1

Legopolis Steven Schapansky @libsyn Blue Snowball FTW!

bcdunkel Brian Dunkel @libsyn Anyone suggesting any good budget microphones? #impoor

TheMediocreShow TheMediocreShow @libsyn EV RE20 the finest vocal transducer known to man. Am I right @RickEmerson

RickEmerson Rick Emerson @TheMediocreShow @libsyn You…are correct, sir.

richardgperry Richard Perry @libsyn Shure SM7B

bonnyface Julie Kuehl @libsyn @bcdunkel Logitech headsets don’t get enough credit. They’ll do for a tight budget.

YoGeek ♥ Elsie Escobar 4 an onthego podcasting Mama: built in ZoomH2 mic & audio-technica PRO88W RT @libsyn: What’s ur favorite podcasting microphone? #podcasting

reformedcast Scott Oakland @libsyn I use the Heil PR40 and absolutely believe it is the best mic available!

mediacastguy MediacastGuy @libsyn The best VALUE microphone for #podcasting is the Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB. Less than $50 US from Amazon.

jtswhipped jtswhipped @libsyn @legopolis @bcdunkel @themediocreshow @rickemerson @richardgperry @bonnyface @reformedcast shure mics. The only way.

TokyoPodcast Anthony Joh @libsyn I love my RODE Podcaster USB mic becos I only need my laptop + mic to record my show. It’s a portable studio I can take anywhere

TheMediocreShow TheMediocreShow @jtswhipped @libsyn i have a shure sm7b as well, the RE20 still sounds better for male voices.

Do you see any microphones that are missing from the list? What do you use?

Got you microphone already? Then it’s time for you to START PODCASTING! Do it with us 🙂

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