Important Requirements For The Apps

We’re Ready To Help You Get An App For Your Podcast

Before you get started or purchase a plan that includes the option for an app, please take a moment to make sure your show qualifies. Podcaster app requirements vary depending on the type and market.

Podcast Source

Single Show

Network App

Private Show

Premium Show

Please note that if you are interested in a Network App or a Private Show app as listed above, you will need to contact [email protected] for additional information and LibsynPRO pricing from our enterprise hosting solution.

For all other Libsyn apps listed above the below requirements and fees apply except the Podcast Source listing which is available to all hosting plans at no additional charge.

Basic podcaster app requirements.

These requirements help to ensure your app will be approved and listed in your preferred app marketplace.

  • Ten published and publicly available episodes
  • No copyrighted content, graphics, or branding
  • Libsyn advanced 400 plan or higher
  • Podcast App build forms complete within your Libsyn account

Apple Only

  • Purchased Organizational developer account for the iOS (Yearly $99 Fee)
  • Access to an iOS device for account creation and maintenance.

Google Play

  • A purchased developer account for Google Play (One-time $25 Fee)

Additional fees and options for a single show app listed for free in the market.

You can choose to offer an app in both the iOS and Android market or just one of them. The fees are the same for one or both markets. We can submit your app under our own Amazon developer account, so there are no additional fees for that market.

There is a one time $50 set-up fee and a monthly $10 fee in addition to your regular Libsyn monthly hosting costs that Libsyn will charge once an app is available. This is in addition to the developer account costs listed above.

Push notifications are an available feature for iOS and Android for an additional $5 a month.

We will list your app as a free app in the market places. If you are interested in charging for your app, please contact [email protected]. The monthly adder increases from $10 to $20 a month for apps that are not available for free in the markets.

The above app fees are waived for Premium Show App as there is a revenue share for those offering a subscription. Developer account fees still apply for premium show apps.

An overview of the app process and timeline.

The app build process takes about a month to 6 weeks to complete depending on how much additional support is required, and the type of app you would like to offer.

1. App Accounts Sign-up

2. App Customization

  • Upload your app artwork into the Libsyn build forms.
  • Make sure you have ten published episodes.
  • Customize what content or episodes are published to your app. See advanced publishing.

3. Management and Support
We are here to help you through the process. Once your app is available, you can see how many downloads are coming from your apps.