016 Edison Report Debrief on Podcasting, Marc Maron and Adam Carolla Chat About The Patent Troll, Interview Tips For Podcasting

marc maron adam carolla talk about the patent troll

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :45
  • Promo: Tips for Travelers 3:00
  • Audio Feedback 3:30
  • On The Libsyn Blog 3:55
  • Promo: 60 Second Cruise Ships 6:57
  • The new Libsyn Live Event venture 7:22
  • Promo: Discovering America Podcast 9:08
  • Mark Maron and Adam Carolla talk defeating the patent troll 9:50
  • Rob and Elsie conversation 25:32
    • What we think about the patent troll
    • Joshua talks SEO on the libsyn blog page 26:49
    • Walkthrough Steve Stewarts stats 33:48
    • Edison Research and Triton Digital Report breakdown
    • Libsyn Live Event discussion
    • Interview tips for podcasters
    • The new updated edition of Podcast101 in the iBook store!
    • Using Kickstarter for your podcast
    • Elsie and Rob making the rounds in the podosphere

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