Podcast Trailers: What to Include + Examples and a Free Template

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Podcast trailers aren’t just a teaser, they are a powerful vehicle for creating anticipation, delivering strategic marketing messaging, and making that all-important ask to follow the show. The use cases and strategies are only limited by your creative energy.

Whether you’re aiming to use a trailer to launch a new show, announce a new season, promote a special episode, or even a live event, read on to ensure your efforts deliver on your goals.

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Graphic displaying where podcast ad trailers can be found (at the top) on both Apple and Spotify.

Where are Podcast Trailers Displayed in Podcast Apps?

Producing a trailer for your podcast has a significant advantage in terms of podcast discovery. Popular podcast apps like Apple Podcasts and Spotify highlight trailers in a unique way. When someone discovers a show from a search, Spotify places the trailer at the top, and Apple Podcasts puts the trailer above the author but below the episode list on the show page.

If you don’t see a trailer listed on your favorite podcast, it is simply because that podcast didn’t publish one. The apps react to what creators provide, so if one isn’t published, the app simply adjusts.

Due to their placement and shorter length, trailers are ideal for attracting new audiences. Listeners can quickly see if your content is something they want to listen to without scrolling through all your episodes or listening to an entire episode before clicking that follow button.

It’s helpful to think of trailers as short commercials for your podcast. They are the first thing a person might listen to to get an idea of what your show is about, the kind of content you create, and the interesting people you interview.

Creating a memorable trailer for your podcast is crucial to grabbing your potential audience’s attention. Showcasing your podcast’s best features and unique qualities could make all the difference between a casual listen of an episode and a follow!

A group of four podcast trailers featured at the top of the podcast app
Apple also features an entire section dedicated to the Top Trailers in Apple Podcasts.

Note: Don’t forget that your cover art plays a role in attracting attention here also; often it is the first thing a potential listener sees. Check out this great video with two graphic design experts on How to Think about Your Cover Art Design.

Do You Need a Podcast Trailer?

Do you NEED a podcast trailer? No. (But we think you should have one.)

Don’t go making a trailer if you are not willing to put in the same effort and thoughtfulness you do for a podcast episode. If you feel your latest podcast episode is better than any trailer you could create, then stick with what is working.

It’s better for you to keep creating great episodes than publish a hastily created trailer, thinking it will get you more followers.

If you are leaning toward trailer creation, this article from Apple Podcasts is a great read. It shares some helpful insights, tips, and other podcast trailer examples.

If you are struggling with what your podcast trailer should include, keep reading. We will help you create goals for your trailer and show you the important elements that most good podcast trailers include.

Great Podcast Trailer Examples — Inspiration

If you haven’t already searched your favorite podcast apps for trailers, then now is the time. Before you consider making your own show trailer, take a look at the ones below for some inspiration.

Goals for Your Podcast Trailer

Before recording, it’s always a good idea to set clear goals. This will help you decide which components to script out for your trailer. To get started, ask yourself the following four questions:

  1. Who is your target audience? What do they need to know and hear?

  2. How will you attract potential listeners with a clear call to action?

  3. What makes YOUR podcast unique? The best podcast trailers build hype, but don’t overpromise — it’s a balancing act. Try out your catchy tagline, tease upcoming episodes, and include your signature sound bite, but don’t get carried away telling too much or straying from your primary goal — creating urgency and getting listeners.

  4. What makes you trustworthy and credible? Does your experience or education assure listeners that you’re an expert on your topic?

Whether you are launching a podcast with a teaser trailer or adding a trailer to an already thriving podcast, keep in mind that the primary goal of any trailer is to engage and capture the attention of potential listeners, leaving them eager to hear more.

Maximize the Podcast Trailer Spotlight

Five Podcast Trailer Plays Beyond The Podcast Launch

The idea that a creator should make a trailer as part of launching a podcast has its roots in video. Often, we watch a movie trailer before we go to see it in theaters. It makes sense that a creator would put out a trailer before their first episode launch in the same way.

But, unlike film, the podcast trailer can be updated throughout the lifetime of your podcast, so you can consider its value more broadly than just announcing your first episode.

Again, it’s the power of the vehicle. Trailers serve as the initial touchpoint for potential listeners, shaping their perception of your podcast’s content and quality — it’s a FIRST IMPRESSION.

  1. Have a special live event? Let people know you connect with listeners IRL — sell those tickets!

  2. Do you produce a sister podcast you think this audience would like? Give it a shout-out!

  3. Did you just interview a top-notch guest for your next episode — let potential listeners know.

  4. Promote a new season — build anticipation!

  5. Offering some new swag, merch, or book? Provide a clear call to action.

Needless to say, all trailers should capture attention and persuade the listener to follow your call to action — listen, watch, register — so whether you are promoting a new podcast, a special guest, or an incredible must-hear episode, your trailer is working to make it a hit.

Dos & Don'ts

We would be lax if we didn’t provide you with some basic dos and don’t’s when it comes to making your podcast trailer. Creating a compelling podcast trailer can greatly influence the success of your podcast, so here are some sound yes and no’s to consider.


Keep it concise: Aim for a trailer length of around 1-3 minutes (5 max). Your trailer should provide a taste of what listeners can expect from your podcast or event without revealing too much.

Highlight your best content: Showcase the most engaging and intriguing aspects of your podcast, such as a captivating story or unique insights. For instance, use sound bites from an upcoming guest.

Set the tone: Use music, sound effects, and voiceover to establish the mood and tone of your podcast. Make sure the sound aligns with the overall theme and style of your show.

MOST IMPORTANT: Include a call to action: Encourage listeners to subscribe, follow, register, or visit your website for more information. Provide clear instructions on how they can engage with your podcast. The call to action can be the most important part — the thing that tips conversion.

Create a sense of urgency: Use language that generates excitement and motivates listeners to take action, such as “Don’t miss out!” or “Subscribe now.”

Use high-quality audio: Ensure that the audio in your trailer is clear, crisp, and professional. Invest in good recording equipment and editing software to enhance the overall sound of your trailer.

Be authentic: Let your personality and passion for your podcast shine through. Authenticity resonates with listeners and helps build a connection.

Test and iterate: Gather feedback from trusted listeners or peers and be willing to make adjustments based on their input. Continuously refine your trailer until it effectively captures the essence of your podcast.


Don’t give away too much: Avoid revealing all the key details or plot points of your podcast or event in the trailer. Leave some intrigue to entice listeners.

Don’t overload with information: Keep your messaging clear and focused. Avoid cramming too many details or topics into your trailer, as it can overwhelm listeners and dilute the impact.

Don’t neglect audio quality: Poor audio quality can detract from the effectiveness of your trailer. Avoid background noise, echoes, or muffled audio that can distract or annoy listeners.

Don’t forget your target audience: Tailor your trailer to resonate with your specific target audience. Consider their interests, preferences, and pain points when crafting your messaging and content.

Don’t use copyrighted material without permission: Make sure you have the right to use any music, sound effects, or other audio elements in your trailer. Using copyrighted material without permission can lead to legal issues.

Don’t be too sales-y: While it’s important to promote your podcast, avoid sounding overly promotional or sales-focused in your trailer. Focus on providing value and engaging listeners rather than hard selling.

Don’t rush the production: Take the time to plan, script, record, and edit your trailer thoroughly. Rushing the production process can result in a lower quality trailer that fails to captivate your audience.

Don’t ignore feedback: Pay attention to listener feedback and be open to constructive criticism. Use feedback as an opportunity to improve and refine your trailer for better results.

By following these dos and don’ts, you can create a podcast trailer that effectively captures the attention of your target audience.

How To Make Great Podcast Trailers — with Template!

Now, let’s break down the essential elements for new podcast trailers into five easy-to-follow steps. Think through each step and consider how you are leaving listeners eager for more.

A lot of what defines how you create content is based on how long you believe the content should be or will be; in this case, shorter is better — but not too short.

Get The Free Podcast Trailer Template

Podcast Trailer Template

Best Podcast Trailer Length — 1:30 to 3 minutes

So, this is a rule — at least if you want the playback of your trailer to be counted as a download. Your podcast trailer MUST be longer than one minute because that is the amount of time a listener needs to listen to your podcast for it to be considered a download by IAB-compliant stats. Imagine you make this GREAT trailer, but because it is 45 seconds long, your metrics don’t move.

Most trailers are at least one minute — preferably 1:30 — and up to three minutes, giving ample time to convey all of the essential details — name, theme music, sound effects, etc. Draw your audience in, let them know what to expect, and get them to hit the subscribe button!

Brain Cottington, our podcasting professor, breaks down how to make a podcast trailer — and why.

How to Produce a Great Podcast Trailer in 5 Easy Steps

Here, we offer you a simple 5-step approach to creating a perfect podcast trailer that will attract new listeners and increase your show’s popularity.

Step 1: Scripting

Scripting is the backbone of your podcast trailer. While you might not script every word of your regular episodes, it’s essential to have a clear outline for your trailer. Note that every good podcast trailer includes:

  • Introduction: Who are you? Introduce yourself and let your personality shine through. This includes your conversational tone and overall style. Is your new podcast serious or humorous? Clue your new listeners in.

  • Podcast Name: Make sure your audience knows the name of your podcast. New potential listeners have to know what to look for on their listening apps. And don’t forget your theme music. You want listeners to identify the music with your podcast every time they hear a note or two.

  • What to Expect: Capture your audience’s attention by briefly telling your podcast story. Give your audience a sneak peek into what episodes will be about and what kind of listening experience they will have. Keep it high-level but intriguing — exciting content is always a draw. Really shine here.

  • Why Listen: Convince your audience why they should choose your podcast over others in your niche. What makes your show unique? Highlight the best moments with sound bites, encouraging listeners to hit that subscribe button. You WANT them to experience a little FOMO!

  • Call to Action: Tell your audience where they can listen to your podcast and what action you want them to take. Again, you want them to follow so they get notified when your new episodes drop, or maybe you want them to attend an event or even share your trailer.


Step 2: Recording

Now that you have your script ready, it’s time to hit “record.” While you could record your podcast trailer on your phone, remember that this is an impression you are making. So, aim for professional quality. Here’s what you’ll need:

Step 3: Editing

Once you have your recording, it’s time to edit it into a polished masterpiece. Use Audacity or your preferred editing software to:

  • Remove any background noise with the noise reduction effect.

  • Adjust the volume levels to ensure your voice is clear and balanced with the music.

  • Export your trailer as an MP3 file ready for upload.

Keep it simple but effective. You want your trailer to grab attention from the first listen.

Step 4: How To Publish

With your trailer ready to go, publishing will vary a little on different platforms, but the essential step is understanding where in the publishing process you define the content as a “trailer” vs. a standard episode. This is what will ensure it appears as a trailer in the podcast apps, which we absolutely want!

  • Log in to your hosting dashboard (like Libsyn).

  • Create a new episode and label it as a trailer (ABSOLUTELY, don’t forget to do this).

  • Upload your MP3 file and fill in the episode details, including a brief description. Don’t forget to share links relevant to your podcast.

  • In Libsyn: Select Trailer from the Episode Type dropdown in episode details.

  • Hit Publish, and your trailer will be ready to share with the world!

Step 5: Promotion

Congratulations, your podcast trailer is live! But don’t stop there. Here are a few ways to promote your trailer and build excitement for your upcoming podcast:

  • Share your trailer and link to your podcast in social media posts.

  • Create an audiogram or short video with a service like Headliner.

  • Reach out to other podcasts that feature trailers from new shows, like “The Feed” or “Trailer Park Podcast,” and see if they’ll feature yours.

Check out the marketing and promotion tips on Apple. They also offer a social posts generator for some quick marketing visual aids.

Measuring Trailer Success

Measuring the success of your podcast trailer really depends on your goals. Different podcasts have different goals, and so there may be differences in measurement.

  1. Audience Engagement: Look at the number of listens, downloads, and shares your trailer receives. These stats indicate initial interest from your audience.

  2. Subscriber Growth: Monitor how many new subscribers your podcast gains after releasing the trailer. A significant increase in subscribers suggests that the trailer effectively captured listeners’ interest and prompted them to subscribe for future episodes.

  3. Listener Feedback: Collect feedback from listeners through comments, reviews, and social media interactions. Positive feedback indicates that the trailer resonated with the audience and generated excitement for the upcoming podcast.

  4. Social Media Engagement: Assess the level of engagement on social media platforms where the trailer is shared. Remember, if a listener comments, respond. If they share, thank them. You want to build and solidify a rapport with your listeners.

  5. Brand Awareness: Evaluate whether the trailer effectively communicates your podcast’s brand, tone, and content.

By considering these factors, you can effectively measure the success of your podcast trailer and make informed decisions to optimize future promotional efforts — and trailers!

The Power of the Podcast Trailer is Forever

Although not entirely new, some apps did not always offer featured trailer placement for podcasts, and some still don’t. However, it is worth experimenting with this opportunity because you have more than just your first episode to convince people to follow and subscribe to your podcast.

Trailers allow an audience to immediately get an idea of what your podcast is about before the release date of your first episode, your first live event, etc. Remember, the power of the trailer is with you throughout the life of your podcast — don’t hesitate to switch it up and test new messaging — you have nothing to lose!

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