138 The Meh Episode

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • :07 Intro
  • 1:36 Audio Rockin’ Libsyn Podcast: Hashtag Questions
  • 6:45 How you can be featured by Libsyn!
  • 8:31 PROMO 1: Collected Clan
  • 9:10 Elsie and Rob Conversation
    • Apple Podcasts iOS 12.2 beta supports the episode number tag! Expect update in the Spring
    • Apple updated their Terms of Service and we give you the exact paragraphs that changed
    • 16:31 Rob finally used the Samson Q2U and did a test recording
    • Who is best suited for the Samson Q2U?
    • If you wanna know if your podcast is ok for Google Podcasts use the official site for checking
    • Tip from Billy about using HTML tags for creating nicely formatted shownotes
    • Himalaya Media launched a new app for iOS and Android, now if we could get them to focus on the listeners not the producers
    • 25:56 Voice Mail from Troy about whether or not most podcasts started after 2014
    • Interesting article all about how only 17% of consumers believe personalized ads are ethical
    • Feedback on adding artwork to your ID3 tags and how not to get an error when uploading to Libsyn
    • 33:22 PROMO 2: Secular Soup
    • Talking premium services and how very resourceful people get when trying to get access to premium feeds
    • We have MyLibsyn as a solution which locks down the URLs, making it secure
    • Where have YOU been? We hear from Ricardo and his podcast Astronomia y also mas winning best podcast for 2018 in Chile
    • 42:38 Voice feedback from Carey Green about best use cases for tracking codes
    • There is a really bad article on Adage about Pandora and Spotify that is full of mistakes
    • In other odd and unverified news Libsyn is now hosting over 40% of all new podcasts that will still be producing content a year from now (get it?)
    • 47:42 Finally getting into the news about Spotify buying Gimlet and Anchor breaking down insight into Gimlet and Anchor based on numbers
    • Looking at the future of podcasting and the strategy of creating premium only content and how it gives us indie podcasters an opportunity to fill the void
    • 1:06:24 PROMO 3: The Jeep Talk Show
    • Stats! Geographic and user agent
    • Where have we been?

Featured Podcast Promos + Audio

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

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Where is Libsyn Going? (In Real Life)


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