199 All The Podcasting Updates and Recaps

A round-up of soooo many things! Podcast Movement recap, including the Fireside Chat partnership, all kinds up updates from Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Audacity, Glow.FM part of Spotify Open Access partnership program and Facebook starts emailing podcasters to add their shows, acknowledging unexpected consequences and of course stats! Mean and median numbers!

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Quick Episode Summary

  • :13 Intro
  • 3:44 PROMO 1: StarGirl
  • Rob and Elsie conversation
  • Skype version! And we’re recording as a back up!
  • Recap of the Fireside announcement at Podcast Movement
  • Apple Podcasts update of iOS 14.7
  • An email from Apple Podcasts sharing all the new analytics
  • It seems that Apple Podcasts have been approving new shows in less than one hour
  • Google Podcasts update! New requirements for recommendation
  • Audacity released their new update 3.0.3
  • Trevor Moore was killed in a tragic accident
  • Clarification of character limits for shownotes on Apple Podcasts
  • PROMO 2: The Andy Brandon Show
  • Glow.FM is a part of the Spotify Open Access partnership program
  • Podcast completion rates percentages
  • Podmatch acquired Poddit
  • Tunein and iHeartMedia partnered on a strategic technology and content distribution deal
  • 8 questions with a successful podcaster
  • Data on content entrepreneurship
  • Recap of Rob’s session at Podcast Movement
  • PROMO 3: My Modern Met
  • Stats! Mean and median numbers

Featured Podcast Promos + Audio

Thank you to Nick from MicMe for our awesome intro!

Podcasting Articles and Links mentioned by Rob and Elsie


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