Podcast Luminaries: Britt Bravo and The Big Vision Podcast

amazing podcast about those changing the world hosted on libsyn

Starting a podcast is a pretty simple. Staying committed, inspired and consistent in publishing your podcast is a whole other matter.

In our Podcasting Luminary Series, we share the voices of podcasters that have been podcasting for 5 or more years and have them impart some of their best podcasting wisdom grounded in experience.

The amazing Britt Bravo has been producing her Big Vision Podcast since February 2006. She is a pioneer in the ever popular interview podcast genre with a unique grounded and deeply engaging style. She interviews people that she thinks have Big Visions for a better world.

Britt has a way of connecting with those she interviews in an effortless way, while always managing to uplift and inspire those who listen to Do Good!

Not only is Britt a podcaster, but also an amazing blogging expert. Podcasters that are wanting to level-up their blog and get a blog plan for their podcast, you can use discount code, LIBSYNLOVE, for $30 off a one-hour blog coaching session (regularly $100).

Britt loves helping artists, writers, healers, creative entrepreneurs, and social changemakers tell their stories and live their big vision.

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

About six months after I started my blog, Have Fun * Do Good, I found myself wanting to interview some of the amazing Big Visionaries I was writing about.

My husband suggested that I start a podcast. He is an on location sound mixer and recorder, so he set me up with his Marantz PMD660, a microphone, and headphones. I was ready to go!

I do the show because I want to inspire people with the amazing work and stories of the people I interview.

We don’t hear enough about people who are doing good in the world. My hope is that the Big Vision Podcast will give my listeners hope, and inspire people who are budding Big Visionaries to believe that they can make a difference, and take action on their Big Vision.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

Britt Bravo hosts her amazing Big Vision Podcast on libsyn

I used to do all of my recordings in person with the Marantz, but as my schedule has gotten busier, I’ve moved away from in-person interviews, and do almost all of them with Skype, Ecamm Call Recorder, and a Logitech USB Headset.

I also used to record my intro and outro with the Marantz, but now I record straight into GarageBand with a Blue USB Microphone (snowball). The sound isn’t quite as good, but it’s a faster process, which is key for a one-woman production.

How has podcasting helped create opportunities for you?

A year, or so after I started the Big Vision Podcast, my local newspaper, The East Bay Express, named me the Best Podcaster/Blogger Most Dedicated to Social Change, which was pretty exciting!

What I love the most about producing the Big Vision Podcast is getting to talk with these amazing, and inspiring people. I always feel energized after an interview. I’ve stayed in touch with, and built relationships with many of the interviewees over the years.

I have a good eye for people who are up and coming, so it’s fun to watch their careers take off 6 months to a year after our interview. Work opportunities for my business, Big Vision Consulting, have come from some of those relationships.

What advice would you give a new podcaster so that they keep going!

  1. Do it because you love it. It’s a lot of work to produce a show, and it can take time to grow your audience, so you have to enjoy the process.
  2. Listen to other podcasts. Figure out what you love about them, and try to add those qualities to your show.
  3. Use a blog, Twitter, and/or Facebook to promote your show, and to connect with, and grow your audience.
  4. Make it easy for new listeners to find and subscribe to your show. Once you have listeners, use your show to make the world a better place (whatever that means to you). You could have a weekly shout out for a cause you care about, host a fundraiser for a nonprofit, or interview someone (related to your podcast topic) who has a Big Vision for a better world.

It feels good to do good, and feeling good will give you the energy to keep going!

Stay connected with Britt by following her on Twitter @Bbravo, Facebook or Pinterest.

If you have any interested in being inspired by people that have big visions and are doing good, then you really need to subscribe to the Big Vision Podcast.

Let Britt help you create a blog plan for your podcast! Use the code LIBSYNLOVE and get $30 off! She gets you 🙂

[box]If you have a big vision and know you have something to share with the world, it’s time for you to just do it! We’d love to help you, so get started right here.[/box]




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