Podcasting Luminaries: The Hawaiian Vacation Connection

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Starting a podcast is a pretty simple. Staying committed, inspired and consistent in publishing your podcast is a whole other matter.

In our Podcasting Luminary Series, we share the voices of podcasters that have been podcasting for 5 or more years and have them impart some of their best podcasting wisdom grounded in experience.

Bruce Fisher has been sharing Hawaii via podcasting for many years. Read all about the why behind it, plus how it’s helped his company grow.

Planning on going to Hawaii? Considering vacationing in Hawaii? Well then, The Hawaii Vacation Connection is totally the podcast for you! Take a moment to subscribe You can also connect with the Hawaii Vacation social media community on Facebook or Twitter

Even if you’ve only dreamed of getting to Hawaii, checking out the podcast will give you a little of the best thing to being there!

How long have you been podcasting? What is your podcast about?

Hawaii Vacation Connection has been podcasting since 2006 (seven years) and covers a wide variety of Hawaii related topics. While this podcast is Hawaii centric, it reaches a broad audience as it relates to both vacationer and local.

From restaurant reviews to local news to traditional customs, most-loved beaches and popular activities, the Hawaii Vacation Connection podcast is a range of compelling topics that will pique any listener’s interest.

Fun, fame or profit? Why are you doing the show?

Hawaii Vacation Connection began as a way for my company to expand. With podcasts being such a new, yet popular outlet, the endeavor seemed inevitable in my line of business.

I guess you could say it began as a way to profit, but it has expanded into so much more now. For seven years I’ve been produced a weekly podcast and it’s become something I look forward to. It’s a creative outlet for me; a place where I can get back to my broadcasting background, and back to the space where I feel most comfortable.

Getting personal is an important reminder as to why I live in Hawaii and why I choose to podcast this lifestyle to the world.

Have you found that social media has expanded your listener base/reach? (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc.)

Absolutely. Social media is the modern networking of the world.

I have 13,000 + organic real twitter followers and 8,000 on FB. I am doing a lot of business this way.   If you can manage your social media network correctly, then your connection is that much greater.

My business has multiple social network accounts, and the podcast helps to directly relate with them. While podcasts are still relatively new, Hawaii Vacation Connection has helped the business expand to heights it could have never reached on its own.

Do download numbers matter to you? Or is audience engagement key?

I think any podcaster has a certain pride in download numbers; it’s hard not to. But what I have learned is that one must come before the other. Audience engagement has to be first and foremost for your download numbers to be good.

Thankfully I was able to figure this out the organic way. My ability to engage my audience is unique because the content is so interesting and relatable. Hawaii is near and dear to people the world over, and I get the chance to deliver it to them on a weekly basis. It’s a feel-good kind of podcast, and ending on a positive note is always important to me.

My audience is work, I wouldn’t do this without them.

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