038 Podcast Awards Nominations, The Ringr App and Auphonic Vs Soundsoap

Podcast Awards Nominations, The Ringr App and Auphonic Vs Soundsoap

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Quick Episode Summary:

  • Intro :15
  • Promo 1: The Tony and Josh Show 2:40
  • On the Libsyn Blog 3:04
  • Promo 2: What’s Up On Earth 5:29
  • How we feature YOU 30:09
  • Promo 3: Assembly of Geeks 8:15
  • Danny Pena and Gamertag Radio – how they are celebrating their 10th year anniversary! 8:47
  • Rob and Elsie Conversation via Ringr 10:03
    • We are using the Ringr app! Our soundquality is completely different than usual.
    • Pond5 the super cool new public domain source.
    • We got presents in the mail from podcasters!
    • Via Dave Jackson, CBS launches Play.it podcast networks
    • The nominations for the 10th Annual Podcast Awards Show are on!
    • It seems that some might have experienced that K7.net has run out of free numbers (maybe not.)
    • Auphonic vs Soundsoap a conversation.
    • How to move an episode for your podcast to episode zero.
    • Some podcast apps like Castro aren’t showing ratings does it matter?
    • We continue the conversation about whether or not you should check if your RSS feed is valid every time you publish an episode – feedback via Kevin Bachelder 41:42
    • Does having an iPhone App affect the iTunes ranking algorithm? – feedback via Steve Stewart 45:02
    • So twitter bombing…it doesn’t work.
    • Local podcast meet-up examples discussed.
    • Stitcher is having delays.
    • Stats time! November – December 2014 where in the world are you downloads coming from?

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