All that Marketing Advice for your Podcast is BS With Rob Walch at NMX

The truth about marketing your podcast session with Rob Walch At New Media Expo

Podcasting is A LOT more popular

…at least according to what the internet says and all h.y.p.e. coming from left, right and center.

Alas, most of this hoopla is coming from sources that have recently discovered podcasting themselves, tapped into the awesomeness and want to start screaming from the mountaintops (which I can absolutely forgive since I am 100% tapped into the awesomeness and am constantly screaming about podcasting.)

But here’s the deal: a lot of the advice that’s being offered out there nowadays is based on:

  1. Marketing & promotional practices that have worked in the past for other industries – which may or NOT work for podcasting.
  2. Sustained measurement and ROI is not fully backed up from a data perspective & a repeatable process (aka your results may vary.)

So what we see from our end are a lot of massive promises with “proven methods” that leave podcasters disappointed and plain ’ol bummed out because they are not getting the results they feel they should be getting.

Taking the BS out of marketing your podcast

Rob Walch has a solution for you!

On Monday April 13: 1:45pm – 2:45pm – Conference Room 9–10 Rob Walch will debunk and share straight-up practices that have worked for numerous podcasts – that can in fact be repeated.

The session?

All that Marketing Advice for your Podcast is BS

You will learn:

  • You’ll get why “Twitter Bombing” does NOT work
  • REAL podcasting stats + numbers based on Libsyn’s 18k podcast accounts! #OMG
  • HOW to market your show outside of iTunes that have proven to work for podcasting.
  • The TRUTH about New & Noteworthy and how that affects your show.

If you wanna get real and stop drinking the hype podcasting kool-aid and taste the #truthbomb diggity kool-aid, you guys need to check out Rob’s session!!!

And you can absolutely quote me on the bomb diggity kool-aid line 😉



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