The 2022 Podcast Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony!

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This year at 2022 Podcast Movement Evolutions (PME), Libsyn is excited to sponsor the 2022 Podcast Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

With so many podcasters doing incredible work in the field, the chosen inductees truly represent a level of excellence and commitment unparalleled in the podcasting industry.


Podcasting Hall of Fame Ceremony Presented by Libsyn

3 WAYS TO WATCH! Virtual & In-Person – TODAY  March 25, 9 pm ET | 6 pm PT

Join us as we welcome the 2022 inductees into the Podcasting Hall of Fame, recognizing their wealth of contributions to the podcasting industry and their excellence in the medium.

  1. Live stream virtual in the PME App — Podcast Hall of Fame Ceremony — presented by Libsyn
  2. YouTube – Podcasting Hall of Fame Ceremony presented by Libsyn
  3. At PME — Creator Stage 1 (presented by Amazon Music) — Platinum D



Libsyn Team Podcast Hall of Famers

We are honored to celebrate the new 2022 class and to share our own team of Hall of Famers, who offer a few words of reflection:

Rob Walch | VP of Podcaster Relations

Rob Walch

“I really appreciate being in the Podcast Hall of Fame. It is just such an honor to be recognized by the industry and my peers in the podcasting space. The HOF puts a bright spotlight on a few folks every year who have significantly contributed to podcasting. I recognize that being inducted is a huge responsibility to represent the medium in a way that helps it get better and grow.” 

2016 Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee



Rob Greenlee | VP, Content, and Partnerships

Rob Greenlee

“I have always strived to help the Indie podcaster and being inducted into the Podcaster Hall of Fame showed me the importance of the Indie podcasters in our space. This is a community I have loved for the past 17+ years and being recognized by the Hall of Fame has driven me to help out even more. I am very humbled and thankful for being a part of the Podcasters Hall of Fame.”

2017 Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee



Elsie Escobar | Libsyn Community Manager

“There’s nothing like being seen and heard, especially by your peers. As someone that went from not even owning a computer or engaging with any kind of tech until my mid 30s to a self-taught expert in a very technically focused industry, my induction into the HOF is everything. I’m proud to be a Latina, an immigrant, a woman, and acknowledged for my work and imprint.”

2017 Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee



Dave Jackson | Libsyn Support

Dave Jacksoon

“Anytime you are chosen by your peers, it is an honor. I’ve always felt like my induction was a way for the industry to say, ‘Well done, and thank you for all of your efforts.’ You never know if your content is making an impact, and this is a loving reminder that we all do (trophy or not).”

2018 Podcast Hall of Fame Inductee





Libsyn Podcaster 2022 Inductees Spotlight

Dr. Virginia “Ginger” Campbell

“Podcasting gave me the confidence to change medical specialties 30 years after graduating from medical school. I figured if I could teach myself neuroscience and how to podcast, I could handle a Fellowship in Palliative Medicine. Early on I got help from Leo Laporte and Rob Walch. I was inspired by Mur Lafferty. Of course, they are all in the Hall of Fame, which is one of the things that makes my induction so special.”

Brain Science Podcast



Nicaila Matthews Okome, Side Hustle Pro

“In 2016, I created the Side Hustle Pro podcast. Side Hustle Pro is the first and only podcast to spotlight bold, black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustle to profitable business. Since launch, it has been named “the perfect entrepreneurship podcast” by Mashable, featured on the TODAY show, earned over three million downloads, and amassed a loyal social media following of aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Side Hustle Pro



See this year’s complete list of Hall of Fame Inductees!




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