BlogWorld Expo and a Good Problem to Have for Podcasters

Check out this post from the Hubspot blog – The State of Podcasting – which offers a nice round up of some of the talk about podcasting at the 2010 BlogWorld Expo.  Here at Libsyn we see tons of great podcasts every day and we love that we get to work with so many producers who are putting their hobbies, businesses and passions into a podcast.  So we are always happy to see more people talking about podcasting.

The Hubspot post also highlights one of the challenges of podcasting –

Webster asserted that one of the main problems contributing to podcasting’s lack of growth is that of convenience. Because people have the option of listening to or viewing podcast content any time they want, they will often push off consuming that content until never.

This means that great podcasts need to be topical and timely to help create urgency.

In the most recent Edison survey on podcasting, the report found that age groups listening to podcasts have been redistributed to an older demographic compared to the previous year’s findings. Sixty-four percent of 12 to 24 year olds don’t subscribe to podcasts.

Instead, they consume content on demand, meaning they access computer-based players and listen to podcasts individually without subscribing.

This may seem like a problem, but its really an opportunity.

At Libsyn we have been working hard to build the technological bridges to audience.

Libsyn3 at its core is about the new destinations for your content.

Podcasting News, a site all podcasters should bookmark, recently covered the Say media study which examines the one out of three people in the US that have dumped live TV for the internet.   These people are put into two groups: On Demanders and Opt Outs.

On Demanders are the trailblazers that have been moving away  or severing ties from conventional media.

Opt Outs are the ones to watch.  They are the generation that do not watch live TV.  They are across the threshold, and we think they will be the ones setting the trends and driving the media culture forward from here on in.

We are close to finishing the transition to the Libsyn3 platform.  We are just as excited about the upcoming platform as we were when we launched the first all-in-one podcasting platform in 2004 (you can read about how we got started here).  We appreciate all of you that have stuck it out with us.  We are lucky to have your business, and we intend make it worth your while.  The wheels are in motion and the audience is growing faster than ever.

If you are new to podcasting – welcome to Libsyn – you have come to the right place! We are the original podcast service and we have everything you need to start, promote and manage your podcast.



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