Farewell Libsyn 3 You Were Loved


Libsyn 3 will disappear December 1Did you guys get the email?

Here’s a link to the highly entertaining email that went out last night, October 30, about the disappearance of Libsyn 3.

I will quickly sum up the main points of information so that you are well informed about what’s going down.

  1. On December 1 Libsyn 3 is going to live with your childhood dog on the farm – and you know what that means – bye bye Libsyn 3.
  2. On December 1 the Libsyn 3 interface as you have come to know and love, is no longer going to be part of the interface.
  3. On December 1 there will be NO MORE LIBSYN 3.

Did you get that?

Just making sure that you got that Libsyn 3 will no longer be accessible on December 1 and it’s time for Libsyn 4 to shine!

You have a month to say your farewells and to make sure that you are familiar with the Libsyn 4 interface.

Our support team has done a phenomenal job of detailing support articles guiding through all aspects of the Libsyn 4 interface.

We know that some of you guys have a workflow and a set schedule for publishing, may I suggest that if you are unfamiliar with Libsyn 4, to go in and start the process early. Make a little extra time before being under deadline to HAVE to publish a show.

You have 4 weeks to try it! 30 days to get comfortable!

Super helpful information about Libsyn 4

Staying up to date on changes

We have 2 shows aimed at keeping the Libsyn community abreast of all upcoming features and providing a place for interaction with us beyond support tickets:

The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast – Rob and I (Elsie) chat about the industry of podcasting, relevant tips and info PLUS we discuss upcoming changes and releases to the platform! We often answer a lot of your questions on the show.

  • Click here to subscribe via iTunes
  • Click here to subscribe via RSS
  • You can also subscribe via Stitcher

Libsyn Live – Main host Krystal (from support) and myself get on a Google Hangout On Air and go deep into one main topic regarding Libsyn and podcasting. On November 6 at 6pm EST we will be going deep into Libsyn 4 and all the fun functionality as well as answer any questions that you might have!

Please take advantage of having your voice heard and connecting with us, we are always open to feedback!

Thank you to all of you that dove into Libsyn 4 already and have helped us continue to expand and iterate the platform to support you podcasting!


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