Holiday App Makeover With iCloud Support and More!

We are working hard to update your app to the latest version in the next month so you can give your audience the best for the holidays!

Get excited, because these feature updates are sure to bring some holiday cheer!

Check out some of the awesome features you’ll be getting in the next update.

Post Episodes to Your App in Four Different Formats

Text Posts

We know you have a podcast but there are those times when you want to offer an update, a special announcement or even a supersonic blog post you put together to your audience.

As you know It’s a bit of a challenge to get your audience to go to your website sometimes, so now when you publish it to your app, your audience doesn’t have to go anywhere else to get the info!

For those of you working with sponsors over the holidays, holding holiday contests or even asking for specific feedback this is the best way to do it!

PDF Posts

The simple way to post your show transcripts, extra notes, quizzes, coupons and even ebooks! You can do this right from within the app and users can download it to iBooks. Sweet.

Audio & Video Posts

Of course you continue to have the seamless publishing capability of all of your audio and/or video posts but with improved and more customized playback options!

Learn what the best formats are for Audio & Video.

iCloud Support, Sharing & More Customization Options

iCloud Support

Yeay for iCloud support!

Your app settings, Facebook login, MyLibsyn login, Continuous Playback, etc. will also be synced along devices, such as your Favorites! Great little feature particularly if you’re traveling and have one of your devices stored away 🙂

Sharing Features

As always our sharing features support Twitter and Facebook, but now your audience can share your episode right from within the episode page! So much easier and we’re sure you’ll get more love.

More Customization

Users can now change what icons appear on the menu bar at the bottom of the app, customize even more playback options like playback quality.

If you want to be among the first to update your app, sign up HERE

Are you ready?

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