How To Get Your Podcast Into Spotify!

How to get your podcast on spotify

Podcasters want to get their podcast into Spotify, badly.

This question comes up A LOT.


Via email.

Via Social Media.

Usually it’s in language such as this:

“How do I upload my podcast into Spotify?”

“I want my podcast in Spotify, how do I do that?”


Here’s the short answer:

If you are hosted with Libsyn then you…email rob(at)libsyn(dot)com.

You don’t have to keep reading.

Seriously. You can stop reading now and get to emailing.

But if you DO want a little more information…here goes.

We did a whole episode of Libsyn Live that addresses Spotify and walks you through the process of how you submit your show to Spotify from within the Libsyn system.

Here is the video of that episode.


We also produced a special episode of The Feed: The Official Libsyn Podcast

You can listen with this player. If you want the original post with all the shownotes you can check it out here

Key information that you need to know

Spotify is not accepting open submissions.
When you email Rob, it’s so that you will be considered to be submitted.
There is no timeline as to when they will open this up to the masses.

Spotify is primarily looking for these type of shows:

  • That appeal to millenials
  • That it’s evergreen content
  • That it’s tech oriented
  • That it’s storytelling

They are really the last ones that will a say on what shows will be on Spotify. I’m sure there will be exceptions, so if you have your heart set on Spotify, then by golly go ahead and email Rob.

I will be coming back here to update any information as it changes!

But just to re-cap:

  • It’s still in beta  Seems like they have come out of beta
  • It’s a manual process right now
  • Spotify is curating and making decisions about what podcasts they allow into their BETA. Remember, it’s BETA. Spotify, no longer in beta.

Here’s to good times in Spotify for podcasters!

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