Libsyn Now Accepts PayPal Payments


You all have asked for it…

PayPal on Signup

…and we have put out a mini release to give you all access to it.

Yup, Libsyn now supports PayPal. While we were at it, we made a few other nifty and small adjustments to billing. Let’s start with the larger bullet points.

  • You can now choose between entering your credit card details or using PayPal both at signup, or when updating your billing details
  • You can switch your payment details between your credit card or PayPal at any time
  • Changing account levels works the same as it always has

Let’s take a peak at what the billing screen looks like. You can find billing in your Libsyn Dashboard under Settings:

Access Billing Settings

If you want to update your billing method, check the Update Billing Method checkbox. A New Billing Information section will open. You can select from Credit Card or PayPal.

Changing Billing Details

If you choose to enter your credit card details, you can do so directly on the billing page.

If you select PayPal, a module will open by which you can log into your PayPal account and agree to the subscription level you’ve chosen.

Paying with PayPal

Your invoices are still available to you, the subscription levels are the same as they have always been, nothing else has changed, but if you have preferred to use PayPal as your payment method, now you can!

Have questions? Contact our friendly support staff at [email protected].

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