June 1, 2021: Podcasting Updates, Podcasting News From Libsyn

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🎤 The Feed: Episode 194 is out

→ Canva integration,
→ Amazon acquiring MGM studios &
→ Netflix and their podcasting strategy and what they have to do with podcasting, images not showing up while searching Google for podcasts,
→ Artwork specs (yep, again,)
→ all kinds of Apple Podcasts stuff including a very interesting word being censored, and this time, the stats convo is all about Call Her Daddy!


Rockin’ Libsyn Podcasts: Knock Once For Yes

Fitz says…

Our show is called Knock Once For Yes, it’s a paranormal podcast where we share our own spooky experiences and those of our listeners, we explore local legends, haunted locations, urban myths and delve into the UK’s haunted history.

We actually visit the vast majority of locations that we talk about on the show, so our listeners are getting our own first-hand accounts as well as the history and legends of the locations.

Read more over here:

Podcasting News 🐥 on Social

→ Apple releases macOS Big Sur 11.4 with support for Apple Podcast Subscriptions

→ Spotify brings offline listening to the Apple Watch, at last

→ Apple Podcasts Connect Disruptions and Apple Podcasts Subscriptions Launching in June

→ How to Prepare Your Podcast Media/Sales Kit for Sponsorship

🗣 Good times on Social!

● What are your FAVORITE keyboard shortcuts (for anything!) BONUS if they’re #podcasting related 🎤

● What category of podcasts do you listen to the most?

Libsyn Good Stuff

→ Podcasting, Seriously Club in Clubhouse meets every Monday and Wednesday to talk about the podcast industry! I’ll be joining Juleyka Lantigua-Williams at 4 pm EST, June 9th!

You can join the Club here: https://www.podcastingseriously.com/clubhouse

→ We held a super awesome webinar last week. Truly. Jammed packed with info, you can still get the replay


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