Libsyn Storage is Changing!

libsyn storage is changing

If you are an existing Libsyn user you know how hard it was to understand Libsyn storage, let alone explain it to somebody!

Our storage has always been based on a 30 days cycle based on when the file was uploaded.

For example: If you upload a 45 mb file today, those 45 mb worth of storage would be available to you again 30 days from today.

This typically has been a hard concept to wrap your brain around since most services don’t have this sort of 30 day cycle based archive storage system.

Storage is changing

A change is here!

Storage as mentioned above will be changing as of February 10, 2014 to a 30 day calendar archive.

Your storage will no longer be archived on the day in which you uploaded your content, but on the first of every month taking the guess work out of it completely!

This means you will always know when you’ll have all of your storage available to you.

We hope this makes using Libsyn even easier!

If you have any questions about how this is going to work, please refer to this support article explaining our storage in detail.


Image used via CC. Karl Sinfield “I Love Clutter” 

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