The Feed 2019 Recap and Look Back

Man oh man has this been a year for The Feed

Here are some fun podcast points:

  • We featured seventy-two 30 second podcast promos.
  • We featured 34 pieces of audio feedback from our audience.
  • We created 30 hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds worth of content.
  • We had our very first podcast recording with 4 of our Podcast Hall of Famers – in one room

And that’s just for starters!

Apple Podcasts as always was a massive focus on 2019.

Apple really coming out with much more communication to podcasters this year, letting us know general Apple Podcasts information but also marketing and branding best practices.

We are incredibly happy of the amount of communication that went out to everyone and we hope that it will continue next year – with a bit more context and explanation 😅

The first email that went out this year got some confused, but hey, we’ve all been there at some point. There were: 

  • Episode number best practices
  • Browser Apple Podcasts landing pages changed from itunes to apple
  • Category changes were announced and implemented (148)
  • All kinds of great new marketing and branding material to help folks transition out of using iTunes to Apple Podcasts (this seems to be the most challenging thing for folks to adopt) (145)

We also discussed a slew of rumors that had to do with Apple developing and having a proper podcasting strategy. The year started with rumors and ended up with verifyable hires to their podcast business.

Money, money, money!

Oh was it a thing! So much of it due to acquisitions. It was a bit 🤯 In 2020 we will, possibly see the fruits of those acquisitions, their true impact – or not. Anyone out there up for taking bets?

This year, Morgan Stanley suggested that Spotify focus on podcasts (136) and it seems like they followed suit. We covered Spotify throughout the entire year, in fact, we might have talked about them just as much as we talk about Apple Podcasts, and that’s saying a lot.

Privacy and Podcasting

One thing that Libsyn advocates for is privacy in podcasting. The discussion around podcasting privacy started on our show sometime in mid year and continued throughout the later part of 2019. We will continue to address privacy and podcasting in 2020 for sure!

Feel free to scroll through our episodes below. We look forward to another year of podcasting and bringing you the best podcasting commentary and analysis out there with an every so slight libsyn bias 😉

135: Rad Beginnings and Alexa Strategies

Updating your copyright, podcasting predictions for 2019, Flash briefings vs Alexa Skills, LUFS and LKFS, Rob’s first soapbox of the year and it’s about RAD, and of course stats, median and mean for November episodes!

136: Will Your Podcast Be The Next TV Show?

Featuring great feedback about the RODEcaster Pro, a local podcast being adapted for TV which offers us an opportunity for commentary on the business model of creating podcast to TV shows, and of course stats! 

137: The Tone Deaf Episode & What It Means To Be First

Updates on the RODEcaster Pro, FACT CHECKING MATTERS, Apple now allows you to download your podcast analytic data, don’t put someone’s else’s show on your feed WITHOUT PERMISSION, and STATS! 

138: The Meh Episode

Great stuff coming from Apple Podcasts iOS 12.2 beta, how to make a freemium model work (it can’t just be premium), and yes, we do cover the Spotify buys Gimlet and Anchor news and finally, stats.

139: The Sky Is Falling

 Diving straight into that email that Apple sent out which confused everyone making them feel that they needed to remove episode numbers from their titles & if not they would be kicked out of Apple Podcasts! Rob soapboxes and of course stats stats stats!

140: The Tone Deaf Episode & What It Means To Be First

A slew of info on the Apple Podcasts/iTunes charts & rankings, Gimlet staff unionizes + what it doesn’t mean to the podcasting industry, Luminary makes a lot of people angry, why Apple doesn’t have a podcast, and stats!

141: Apple Podcasts Ranking Woes

Answering questions about iTunes feed tags about episode numbers, bonus/trailers & the summary tag. People freaking out about Apple Podcasts chart position changes, Google Podcasts and the latest reporting, plus the latest mean and median numbers!

142: Apple Updates Podcast Pages & The Podcast Consumer

We discuss the new Apple/iTunes podcast browser pages, having an audio player in your email, networks wanting all of your IP rights & our advice on what to do, what made Joe Rogan so successful, the Podcast Consumer data, plus country & user agent stats!

143: The PodBubble

 Tips on the new podcasts(dot)apple(dot)com URLs, email on new feature enhancements in iOS 12.2, the new ‘clips’ functionality on Overcast, OUR THOUGHTS ON LUMINARY!!!! New podcast industry acquisitions, mean and median stats and so much more!

144: Only You Can Make Your Podcast Famous

Google including podcasts in their search results, Podfund thoughts & feelings, advice on making agreements w/ advertising companies, tackling the Apple Podcasts review myth, as always, STATS, country breakdowns, Spotify country breakdowns and user agents


145: WWDC 2019, Apple Category Changes & iTunes No More

 WWDC 2019, iTunes out to pasture, Apple’s email to podcasters about the changing categories, podcasting insight from Google I/O and so much more! Listen up!

146: Podcasting, Privacy, & When To Fire Your Podcasting Agency

Follow up on the Apple category announcements, Spotify adding ads to podcasts, NASA makes their entire library copyright free! When you need to fire your podcasting agency, Rob soapbox! Privacy vs podcasting! And user agents, and geographic data!

147: Exciting Optimus Prime

Diving into an incremental simplifying release to Libsyn, Spotify allowing direct access to their Spotify-specific performance stats, recording quality tips, random podcasts dot com, the fastest podcast hosts and finally mean and median number stats!

148: New Apple Podcasts Categories & Link Bait Galore

Everything that you know about the new updated Apple Podcasts categories & how to update yours NOW on the Libsyn interface! Covering stories about Apple Podcasts exclusive content strategy and the plethora of derivative articles that spun and spun + STATS!

149 Your Mic Is A Lifestyle Choice

Going over the Apple Podcasts categories again, OMG a new Libsyn front end website! Breaking down deets of what’s going on with Libsyn + Podcast Movement, and of course mean and median numbers!



150: Libsyn is IAB v2 Certified & Women In Podcasting Stats

A special show, recorded right before #PM19 on August 11, featuring Rob W, Rob G, Dave & Elsie
NEWS! Libsyn is IAB 2.0 compliant aka we are certified! Google Podcasts updates , women podcasting stats, plus the latest user agent & geographic stats!

151: Apple Podcasts Meta Data Practices & Are You Ready For Premium Content

Podcasting plagiarism problem? Podcast hosts not providing a 301 redirect, when you are ready to start offering premium content, the latest RODEcaster Pro firmware update, Apple Podcasts metadata best practices, plus our recap of #PM19!

152: Trademarking Taco Tuesday

Trademarking Taco Tuesday, plagiarism revisited, remote interview tips, design best practices for your artwork in Apple Podcasts, dealing with explicit content, more insight into IAB vs Uniques, and stats, mean, median, user agent and geographic!

153: Talking About Religion & Politics

Libsyn’s latest Q3 growth results, the death of Podcoin, a great resource for recording remote episodes, podcasting words of wisdom for college students, how to count your subscribers, new stuff from Spotify including playlists + more!

154: Invite To Celebrate & Setting The Podcasting History Record Straight

Help us celebrate our 15th year anniversary! Apple research enhancements including discovering topics and people. Setting the podcasting historically narrative straight and an ad insertion technology history lesson + more!

155: The Issue Is Privacy & Podcasting With A Slice Of Birthday Cake 

Spotify stats passthrough update, more info on the guests + hosts feature in Apple Podcasts, Rob soapbox on privacy in podcasting, tips on whether or not you should join a network, info on the new AirPods Pro and of course tons of stats discussion!

156: Spotify Passthrough Update & Other Things

Apple email sent in mid Nov, deconstructing the email that we sent out to make sure you get all the must know info! BIG thoughts on how to use consumption rate data, demographic vs psychographic info, teaser promos, show notes vs blog posts & stats!

157: I Stand For Pethics 

Sending congrats and discussing Apple’s top podcasts of 2019, why podcasts are headed for disaster, pre-fixes on Libsyn, the coalition to expand RSS, mean and median stats and so much more, including soapboxes from both Rob and Elsie!

158: Prepends, Privacy & Raw Growth 

Listen to what the podcasting ready microphones of the new ’19 MacBook Pro sound like. What would be the impact & slowdown for indie podcasters if there’s an economic downturn? A nuanced discussion about protecting the privacy of podcast listeners + MORE!


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