Libsyn Acquires Podcast Monetization Platform Glow and Libsyn

Libsyn announced this morning the acquisition of (Glow), the podcast monetization platform that enables podcasters to build membership programs and generate listener-supported revenue.

Glow offers several ways to provide premium content, but some of the most popular options are below. 

  • Sell monthly podcast membership subscriptions
  • Offer one-time payments for content access
  • Integrate private podcasts with existing memberships
  • Offer recurring audience donations

One favorite feature is that podcast audiences can access subscription-based content on their preferred podcast app. There are no new apps or programs to learn for your audience; subscribers purchase and then pick their podcast app for access. 

So simple!

The Glow platform keeps podcasters in control, aligning with core Libsyn values. 

Creators define the product, create a beautifully branded mobile sell page, and set the pricing.

Selling access to content takes real work. It takes a real audience, too. Watch this Crowdcast webinar with the founder Amira as she dives into what it takes and how the service works. She shares some insightful tips worth noting.

The best part, Glow is here when you’re ready.

How to get started using Glow no matter where you host your podcast

Get help getting started with Glow by completing this form

Glow customers are not required to be customers. Libsyn is planning to integrate with Glow to improve producer workflows for Libsyn customers using Glow in the months ahead on Libsyn 5.

If you are using Glow, and don’t use Libsyn, don’t worry, we are working with Glow’s team to understand the landscape of customer needs as part of the transition plan! 

Libsyn is excited to help and work with all Glow customers. 

You will continue to stay in control of your podcast monetization strategy

Glow’s tools will add additional support for indie producers and larger organizations looking to sustain their podcasting efforts or build other revenue streams on the Libsyn platform.

With the recent AdvertiseCast announcement and the acquisition of Glow, we will be bringing more customer-requested monetization services to our community of podcasters. 

For Libsyn customers currently using the MyLibsyn services to sell access to content or offer private podcasts, this is an investment in your future. Glow’s synergy with our current offering is exciting, and we look forward to sharing more soon.  

Glow and AdvertiseCast support our mission of podcasters maintaining control over their content, brand, and monetization.

“We are thrilled to be working with the team at Glow to bring its tools to Libsyn’s customer base.”

~ Laurie Sims – Libsyn President

More about Glow and Libsyn

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