Podcast Clean Up- 2 Explorations To Get More Subscribers From Your Podcast Website

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Do People Know How To Subscribe From Your Site?

I go to my podcast website all the time. I can navigate within it and it all looks pretty clear to me! But then, I put the thing together 😉 I’m always surprised at what other people think of my site, or some of the questions that I get regarding content consumption on my site.

At times I get questions that in my mind are SOOOO clear…but alas, in reality, not so much.

During my work at libsyn, a lot of times I search for podcasts, visit podcast websites, listen to podcasts, find out what podcasts are about and I’ve found that I’ve encountered road blocks when it comes to actually consuming and even subscribing to some podcasts.

I find myself having to do a lot of searching to find out what podcasts are about, where the real podcast website is, and even where to click to consume the content, and I’m well versed in the podcast culture, so I know a lot more than the average person! I have to be absolutely honest.

There are times when the podcast looks so cool but the fact that I cannot listen to it with one click or even find out more about the content to see if its what I believe it is, makes me wanna give up.

Here are two inquiries for podcast creators to help you from loosing potential subscribers.

1. Search for a podcast whose subject you’ve always been interested in but are not too familiar with.

One way to check yourself to see if you are providing the very best support for potential listeners is for you to do some podcast browsing yourself, specifically on something that you are totally unfamiliar with.

There has to be some subject that you’ve been intrigued about, that you’ve always wanted to know more about. I’m sure there’s a podcast about it!

Follow these steps and take notes 🙂

  1. Search for whatever topic you are interested in, in the iTunes Music Store. Once you get your results pick a couple of podcasts and go to their respective pages.
  2. Go to the podcast website straight from iTunes. Where does iTunes take you? What are your initial thoughts about what you find? If you find a link that doesn’t work or you land on a libsyn blog that is obviously NOT their main site, what does it take for you to get to their main site? Are you willing/interested to do it?
  3. Once on the podcast website find out what the podcast is specifically about. Is there an about page, a succinct quick explanation of what to expect when you consume the podcast? How easy is it to find this information?
  4. Listen or view the podcast from the podcast page. Can you do this easily? Are there different and clear ways offered to consume the content (ie: direct download link, player, subscribe button)?
  5. Subscribe. How easy is it for you to subscribe in the easiest way for you? Is there a way to do it via iTunes? RSS reader? Newsletter? Go through the process in the name of research and investigation. You can unsubscribe right after (or not.)
  6. Evaluate your own podcast website. Use your notes and the insight that you gained from your investigative work to optimize your own page. Can you easily find what your podcast is about? Easily play the content? Easily subscribe?

2. Find yourself a podcast newbie and have them subscribe from your site.

This little podcaster inquiry will work best if you get someone who is NOT holistically techsavvy but your average Social Media Facebook/Twitter everyday consumer.

  1. Have your subscriber guinea pig go to iTunes and follow steps 1-4 above.
  2. If they cannot get to your website from iTunes have them google your site (maybe they don’t even have or want to use iTunes…you never know!) Give them the name of your podcast, not the url of your site.
  3. Have them give you their observations of the process.
  4. Thank them profusely for their insight 🙂

Why start these inquiries off in iTunes?

Well, you see, iTunes is a given at this moment in the podcasting world and as such it’s very important.

Of course if someone wanted to subscribe or even preview your content they can do it straight from iTunes. They do not have to go through the whole process. The process is for you to learn about the efficiency and effectiveness of the information you provide. Don’t assume everyone knows how to subscribe to your podcast or what it even is. Let them know.

So what did you find out?

Is what you are doing effective in getting new subscribers/fans?

Are there any insights that you learned from going through the process above? Are there any other tips you can share with fellow podcasters that you use to make the process of subscription, or even simply content consumption easy for your audience?

It would be so great to hear some of your insight! Leave a comment below 🙂

Elsie Escobar

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