Podcast Clean-Up Series: The Accessible iTunes Podcast Page


When was the last time that you checked out your own podcast landing page in iTunes?

It may seem a bit basic and even perhaps a waste of time, but in all honesty it’s a very important space that podcasters often overlook. I may venture to say that for the majority of your potential raving fans this is the first and only impression that they will get. There will be no second chances.

Why not take a moment right now to make sure you are making the best first impression?

Here are key points to make sure folks click that subscribe button:

  • Have a podcast description: Did I really need to get this basic? YES. Because of my duties here at libsyn I visit a large amount of iTunes podcast pages and there are a surprising amount of podcasters that have no description at all!
  • Make your description clear, succinct and informative: What exactly is your podcast about? Describe it in two sentences and have these be the first paragraph in the description. Most people don’t scroll below the fold, meaning that they usually won’t click …more on the page. If you make those first two sentences clear, precise and appealing anything you write below the fold will just be icing on the cake. Write those two sentences for those that are already familiar with you content as well as those that are not. Keep the jargon and inside jokes to the latter half of your podcast description.
  • Link back to your main website!: In your iTunes page, on the left hand side column there is a link to your website. 50% of the time when I’ve clicked on the link to the podcasters website, I either go to a broken link or to the libsyn.com blog page that is part of your libsyn account. Now, there’s nothing wrong with your libsyn blog. In fact a lot of podcasters do use that as their website. What I’m talking about here is for those of you that have spent time creating an awesome website for your podcast, but no one from iTunes goes there because you are not linking to it! Tip for libsyn users- you can edit this information within your edit show settings pane in your account
  • Add easy feedback accessibility to your description: Somewhere within your iTunes description, usually towards the end, add the easiest way to get in contact with you: email address, voice feedback line, and your url. Although this information will not be clickable it will provide your existing audience as well as potential listeners a seamless way to get in touch with you. There are a ton of podcast listeners that never go to your website and perhaps never will. When they want quick access to you, the first place they will go will be to your page in iTunes. I know this has been true for me and have always been so glad when I find the podcaster email address right in the description to send along that feedback 🙂

Although simple podcasting tips, you’d be surprised how much they really do help both existing and potential subscribers.

There are other ways to subscribe to podcasts, but the reality of the situation is that iTunes is the easiest and most accessible way to subscribe to podcasts, especially for those that are not particularly tech savvy.

Why not provide them with the best experience of you and your work?

Do you have any other hints and tips that you can offer to other podcasters regarding the iTunes landing page? Is there other information that you feel is helpful to promote your podcast? Leave it in the comments!

Elsie Escobar

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