Your Podcast Elevator Pitch in 140 Characters

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It doesn’t seem like it can be done right?

Sharing your podcast in 140 characters or less.

There’s just so much more to say. You are just SO much more than 140 characters.

Humor me.

This is an exercise.

An exercise in getting clear.

An exercise on learning how to easily promote yourself.

An exercise to force you to get rid of the unnecessary and get laser sharp about your work.


Because the clearer you get about your message the more you can expand and grow your podcast.

Got your 140 characters?

Now say your pitch out loud, over and over, until you say it easily and don’t doubt what you are saying.

If you doubt your own words, change the pitch.

You gotta align with your own words.

Think 140 is undoable?

Here are a few inspiring super sharp podcast elevator pitches for your inspiration. (Give or take a character 😉 )

CorruptingKids: This is a show about adults talking candidly with their kids. It is also a show about kids talking candidly to their adults.

Money Plan SOS I help everyday Americans beat debt by helping them Pay Attention, Not Interest

Down These Mean Streets: The best detectives and crime fighters from the Golden Age of Radio and the stories behind the shows.

Solotalk Media Podcasting about 2 great TV shows #UnderTheDome and #OrphanBlack News, reviews, theories, fan feedback

Tuning in to SciFi TV – “Your audio guide to genre TV”

Drinks at The Dal is a topic-based podcast about the fantasy series #LostGirl

BrushnSoapnBlade: Sharing my journey with wet shaving and vintage razors. Looking forward to shaving every day. Join the fun.

Disco Players: Not a “DJ Mix Show” we’re a wkly review show of Electronic Albums. The type that artists wanna be a part of & fans wanna listen to.

What About Pod? A sensitive, caring podcast that tackles some of life’s tough issues…. Or.. the complete opposite

Stacking Benjamins We’re like car talk but for finance! Stacking Benjamins is a relaxed, magazine style podcast

Braver By The Day: “Regular people sharing stories change, persistence and grit.”

The Mouse Castle Lounge: Conversations and cocktails from the world of Disney.

The Board Game Show: The geeky, irreverent, podcast featuring nerds, warfare, cocktails, news, reviews, and interviews.

Got yours?

Leave it in the comments! And let me know how the exercise went!

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