Podcast Growth For The Holidays: Plan, Re-engage and Connect

podcasting for the holidays

Podcasting for the Holidays!

I feel it.

I feel that strong energy driving towards the end of the year and it only seems to get faster and faster every year.

Christmas decorations came out before Halloween was over!

If you have an email address I’m sure you’ve already gotten quite a few “preparing for the holidays” emails, as well as a ton of offers imploring that you TAKE ADVANTAGE NOW!

And there is a method to that madness. Businesses are tapping into what naturally happens with most cultures during this ‘holiday time,’ and the planning involves using the energy of these last few weeks fueled by the holidays to their advantage.

Instead of having all the hoopla and hype drive you to overwhelm or complete apathy why don’t you take control?

You can create the grand finale that you desire – podcast style. 

Connection and emotion can grow your audience. 

Create the ultimate production experience

If you want more quality time with your family then plan and make sure it happens!

If you want to have your podcast schedule to remain consistent, even with all the days off and family commitments, then plan for it!

If holiday times are super challenging for you for whatever reason: loss, crazy family, fed up with the consumerism, whatever, then make it work for you and stop complaining.

Plan for greatness and take actions to create the experience that you want to have.

It’s up to you. And you need to make it happen.



Let’s get on with some sweet tips to get your podcast front and center to finish this year strong.

3 Tips To Drive Growth and Connection for Your Podcast

1. Re-connect with your Why/Your Mission. Why do you do what you do?

These last month and a half of the year is full of emotion, whether you want to accept it or not. People are wound up and hyper sensitive – including yourself.

You can love this time of year, hate this time of year or be apathetic to this time of year, regardless, you have a reaction, and in some form or another you will take stock and look back at the year that has just gone past.

Use that momentum to give you greater perspective and reconnect with your big WHY.

Why are you podcasting?

What is your show about? and is what you are publishing in alignment with that?

Who is your optimal audience?

What is a successful podcast to you?

2. Podcast growth = Foundation = Connection

After the re-connection to your WHY, then you can start to focus on growth.

You have now clarified your foundation (or why you are doing what you’re doing) and now you get a chance to strengthen it.

Think about how you feel when the people that you are celebrating with, whether family, friends or even co-workers are not jiving with you.

Notice how you feel, when your loved ones or those that are important to you in your life are aligned with you.

One creates a sense of alienation, and disconnection and the other creates a sense of unity or connectedness.

Connection will help you feel grounded and as you feel that connection so will your audience.

The intention of growing your audience comes from a desire to feel connected and to support others.

EXAMPLE: Special Event episodes

  • You can hold special listener holiday events using UStream, Google + or even webinars.
  • You can have a feedback only episode highlighting your community.
  • You can create a super special episode that has nothing to do with your regular content simply to entertain.
  • Target your bonus content to deliver value to your audience.

3. Gratitude refuels

Building and audience is tough.

Producing a podcast takes time and dedication.

The journey at times can feel like your are working like a fiend with very little return.

Working hard without a change can and will burn you out, even if you are a well established podcaster.

You need to re-fuel, and the fastest and easiest way to do it, is gratitude.

Gratitude builds you up.

Gratitude softens you and gives you a much needed break.

EXAMPLE: Cause Marketing

Partner with a charity or cause that you are passionate about and give them some free publicity on the show. Talk about them, send people to their site, interview someone from the organization – just because.

Promote them, with no expectations other than to be of service.

EXAMPLE: Gift a promo

Send in a promo for one of your favorite podcasts without being asked. You know the “Hello this is so and so from the xyz podcast and you are listening to the abc podcast!”

You can make it that simple or give them a nice little audio testimonial that they can use for their show – just because.

Same goes for sending audio feedback. You can choose a handful of your favorite podcasters that you think are awesome and tell them so by sending feedback as well as adding a little something to enhance their show and offer value to their audience.

Take the time to step into someone else’s work – just because.

When you take the time to do things from a place of gratitude and generosity it re-fuels you. It gives you the strength needed to continue putting your best work out there – just because.

So how about it?

How about checking in to why you are podcasting, creating the experience that you want to have and choosing to engage with your community from a place of generosity?

I’m up for it!

Let me know if you are and which ones of the ideas above resonated with you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

BONUS thought: There are tons of podcasters that have no plan and often fade out until mid January. There will be millions of new potential listeners getting their new iOS devices + tablets + smartphones by the end of the year. If you choose to re-engage, plan and connect you’ll be farther along than all the rest!

Image used via CC: 2010 Defender of the Justice Iron Man Ornament by JD Hancock

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