Podcast Podcasting Starter Kit For Absolute Newbies

You’ve been hearing about podcasting for a while and you’re finally up for jumping in.

Where do you begin if you want to podcast? Especially if you are not too familiar with what exactly podcasting really is.

In order to offer the best advice I decided to put on my newbie hat and start where I would have, had I no knowledge of the subject: googling “how to podcast.”

I believe that I did this exact same thing when I decided I wanted to podcast, although at that time, there weren’t so many results!

I got a headache just skimming through all the information that came up. Holy cow!

I gotta say that if I would have found what I found today, I would have given up. It would take so long to sift through all the sites out there that are simply focusing on keywords, making money on adwords and those that actually have helpful easy to digest information that will in fact help you start podcasting.

So, I decided to make it as simple as possible and give you a place to start and avoid the pain of sifting through all the clutter.

If you are serious about podcasting and want to do it either for your own personal self expression or as a business move, your first step is to listen.

Part of learning anything is aligning yourself with those that are doing it, and doing it well.

Podcasting is about giving voice, personal expression and freedom. All of these are nothing if not fueled by passion- passion for your work, your relationship, your hobby, or whatever has meaning to you.

What better way to attune yourself to those that can lead the way than to listen to their voices?

The following are specific episodes from podcasts about podcasting whose subject matter will both provide information and inspiration about podcasting. I

I’ll provide download links for each episode as well as the specific podcast website and iTunes podcast page.

After listening to these podcasts I hope that you gather optimal information and support to embark on your journey as a podcaster. Consider downloading the files and making yourself a little podcast starter kit playlist to get you all fired up!

The Art of Podcasting Through Podcaster Voices:

These 3 interviews come directly from the Podcast411 Podcast (direct link to iTunes). SOOO worth your time.

  • Leo LaPorte: Leo talks about podcasting, gear, and geeks out remembering the old while creating his current massive domination. He’s very candid and courteous about a lot of information. direct link to episode MP3
  • Tiki Bar: It’s so fascinating to see how artists are able to transform mediums. Jeff Macpherson is one of those folks. I dare you to listen to his creative process and work flow and not wanna grab a video camera and go at it 🙂 He shares all about how Apple contacted him regarding featuring Tiki Bar in one of the keynotes, awesome. direct link to episode MP3
  • Grammar Girl: So inspiring to see what podcasting can become. Mignon is down to earth and accessible, incredibly talented and organized. It’s such a treat to hear her explain the creation of the Quick and Dirty Tips Network. Hearing her tell the story of how she ended up on Oprah is awesome! direct link to episode MP3

There are so many more interviews to listen to. Subscribe in iTunes or go to podcast411.com

Can You Make A Living Podcasting

  • Cliff Ravenscraft: This interview is from the Smart Passive Income Podcast (direct link to iTunes). It has an incredible amount of important and powerful information about podcasting and making money, plus it’s a great introduction to the Podcast Answer Man. After listening to this one, you will be chomping at the bit to get started. Cliff and Pat are both amazing sources of information. direct link to episode MP3

Subscribe to the Podcast Answer Man(direct iTunes link). Cliff has HOURS UPON HOURS of insight and commentary on and about podcasting.

The Smart Passive Income Podcast is not about podcasting but offers a wealth of information about exactly what the title states ;).

Ready To Get Started Podcasting?

There are other podcasting tutorials out there. There are tons of books out there. I found that Alison Sheridan’s series Podcasting on Podcasting (direct iTunes link) gets right to it and does it in the most accessible way that I have come across.

Here are links to the MP3s of the first two episodes of the series (click and the file will automatically download:

There are only 11 succinct and easy to digest episodes. By no means is this the be all and end all of how-to podcast, and some things are a bit outdated, but Allison is such an amazing teacher that you will absolutely have a clear understanding of how to begin and most importantly what questions to ask to get better at it!

Find Podcasting on Podcasting in iTunes.

If you can’t get enough of Allison, you can get much more of her on the Nosillacast Podcast hosted at podfeet.com

Listening to all these episodes will take you about 3 hours, that’s almost no time at all! Especially if you listen in your car, or when you’re working out or even playing Cut The Rope 😉

I hope you are inspired and choose to take the plunge into the world of podcasting.

When you are done, why not come on back and share your thoughts? If you are a seasoned podcaster, what podcasts or specific podcast episodes have inspired you?

Share the love!

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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