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Past, Present, and Yet to Come Podcasting Equipment Wish Lists

From the Libsyn Podcasting Hall of Famers

This time of year, visions of NEW podcasting gear are dancing in podcasters’ heads. Podcasting equipment wish lists are full of mics, headphones, and more and more video gear ready to carry us through next year’s podcasting adventure. It’s hard not to have your eye on something and dream about what it could mean for your podcast. 

While the holiday season often makes us think about the NEW things we want, it  rarely arrives without a sprinkle of nostalgia.

Do you recall if anyone gifted you something that helped you start podcasting? Are you still using it? How has your workflow changed and what are you looking forward to in 2022?

We sat down by a virtual fire, poured ourselves a cup of hot cocoa, and talked to the Podcasting Hall of Famers at Libsyn about what gear they started with, the first gifted gear they ever got, and what is on their podcasting equipment wish lists. Elsie Escobar, Rob Walch, Rob Greenlee, and Dave Jackson delivered. Just like the holidays, some things have changed a lot, and others, like a favorite family holiday dish, haven’t at all and remain loved year over year. 

podcasting_equipment_ past

Past Podcasting Equipment

What microphone did you start podcasting with?

To put this question in perspective, each of our Hall of Famers have each been podcasting 15+ years for a combined total of more than 60 years of podcasting skillz. It is fun to look back at the beginning of podcasting see how these pros got started sharing their voice with the world.


Headset Mic from c for Mac. 


Sony ECM-CS10 Tie-Clip-Style Omnidirectional Business Microphone for recording Elsie’s Yoga Class and a Heil PR30 to record my intro to that show.

A battered Shure SM58 (from being a musician).

Audio Technica AT2035

Back in 2000, I started with 3x Condenser Microphone Audio Technica AT2035 microphones. They were $695 each back then and I had to sound buffer my spare bedroom; then I moved to the Shure SM7b in 2008 and have been using those as my primary microphone ever since. 

Dave Jackson’s microphone, the Shure SM58 celebrated its 54th anniversary in 2016. You’re going to see this mic again in an answer later on. If these folks were all gathered around one table for the holidays back then it would have been pretty magical. Two opposing operating system teams, a musician, and a Yoga instructor. Somehow, Elsie would have managed to help everyone get along with some breathing exercises to the tune of Dave’s guitar. Thank goodness for Elsie and Dave!

podcasting_equipment_ present

Present Podcasting Equipment

Do you remember the first gifted podcasting gear you ever got?

iRiver digital recorder.

YES! It was the Zoom H6.

A better chair.

I don't recall ever being given podcasting gear as a gift, except for my early 2000's recording studio start-up called "LoudVox" that got a $25,000 dollar venture capital investment gift to buy recording equipment for the company. 

Rob Greenlee, we just have to say, “you win”! Most of us will not find a venture capital investment in a stocking any time soon. A better chair for podcasting seems pretty great right now though, after a few years of being tied to our screens more than most of us like.

Sometimes podcasting equipment can be the thing that makes you more comfortable while recording. A good chair, a plant, or maybe a new notebook could be just what your podcast needs. A podcasting wish list doesn’t always have to include equipment.

podcasting_equipment_ yet_to_come

Podcasting Equipment Wish List Yet to Come

What podcasting gear is on your podcasting equipment wish list for 2021?


Another Cloud lifter for one of my Shure SM58s.

Podcasting specific, the Podtrak P4 , but production wise, I really want the Sony ZV-E10.

Sony ZV-E10

The Shure SM7B


Not too much, as I invested a lot in new equipment in 2021. But I am looking to get a video camera that has AI and motion tracking abilities and a larger teleprompter screen. I'm looking at the OBSPOT Tiny, LILLIPUT teleprompter device, and the Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro HDMI Live Stream Switcher.

Did you notice Rob is using the same style microphone that Dave Jackson mentioned he started with? As always, Elsie is all about mobile friendly and on-camera equipment. Dave is sticking to Shure mics true to his musician heart. Rob Greenlee is also investing in video podcasting equipment to address the demands of his virtual conference schedule. We’re fascinated to see what comes next from this powerhouse group of podcasters!

No matter what is on your wish list for the holidays, Libsyn hopes you get a chance to invest in your podcast in some way before the end of the year. Maybe it is some podcasting equipment, maybe it is a short break to plan and re-set, or maybe it is investing in the people and activities that inspire you to keep sharing your voice with the world.

We hope you crush those goals.  

Check out these additional resources for investing in podcast equipmentpodcast studio setup and boom arms for podcasters.

Happy Holidays! 

Extraordinary Podcasting For All

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