Podcasting Luminaries: Kimberly Wilson From Tranquility Du Jour

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Starting a podcast is a pretty simple. Staying committed, inspired and consistent in publishing your podcast is a whole other matter.

In our Podcasting Luminary Series, we share the voices of podcasters that have been podcasting for 5 or more years and have them impart some of their best podcasting wisdom grounded in experience.

This week’s Podcasting Luminary is the ever sparkling Kimberly Wilson from Tranquility du Jour.

Tranquility du Jour is the girl-on-the-go’s guide to living a mindfully extravagant lifestyle filled with interviews of authors, activists, and artists plus musings by Kimberly Wilson and a splash of Le Beau

Kimberly has been a mainstay in iTunes since 2005 sprinkling, tranquility, grace, and joy wherever she goes!

She is also a massive innovator in new media, successfully using podcasting and other forms of media to connect fully with her community as well as get her vibrant message out to the masses.

Her latest undertaking is The Tranquilty Tour where Kimberly and her beau will travel across North America from September 14 to November 16 on their cute little camper Lillie. Their mission is to meet blog readers and podcast listeners, connect with nature, create memories, live simply and hand deliver copies of Kimberly’s latest book Tranquilologie: A DIY Guide to Everyday Tranquility.

the amazing kimberly wilson taking her podcast on the road with the tranquility tour

If you’re interested in following along on the preparations and the Tranquility Tour itself, you can follow the hashtag #tranquilitytour.

Stay connected to all things Tranquility Du Jour on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. And of course you must subscribe to the podcast.

Fun, Fame or Profit? Why are you doing the show?

I started the show in 2005 on a whim. My beau was dabbling in podcasting, we had many books on the new hot topic, and I thought it would be a fun way to build an audience and material for my upcoming book, Hip Tranquil Chick: A Guide to Life On and Off the Yoga Mat.

It definitely began as fun and continues as fun. I love reaching out to authors, activists, artists, and entrepreneurs to be interviewed on the show. I ask them questions I’m dying to know such as “What’s a typical day like for you?” I love connecting with listeners from around the globe who I would never have met if it wasn’t for the show.

What has changed the most in your recording setup since you started?

kimberly wilson is a podcasting luminaryWhen I first began recording the show, I made my beau go into the bathroom so he wouldn’t hear me and read from a script. Yep, word for word.

Now I can muse from a hotel room, RV park, or yoga studio on the fly. Also, we’ve upgraded our microphones and evolved the flow of the podcast over the past 8 years of recording.

We’ve come a long way, baby, and continue to shake things up on a regular basis with small tweaks.

How has or has podcasting helped create opportunities for you?

I’ve had women from Korea and Germany show up in my DC yoga classes simply because they were podcast listeners and happened to be in town. Also, last year I hosted two France retreats and my first registrants were international podcast listeners and blog readers.

By connecting with these like-minded ladies beyond the four walls of my DC yoga studio, I’ve been able to cultivate an amazing global community of women seeking tranquility … and who happen to also have a passion for art, do-gooding, and sparkle.

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