Promote Your Show on Amazon Music

Promote Your Show on Amazon Music

“Alexa, play the podcast _____!” 

There’s an exciting new way to help you promote your show on Amazon Music! 

To start, set up your Amazon Music Destination. Check out the steps on our Support blog here. It takes less than one minute to complete on your Libsyn account. 

Okay, now let’s get down to what you want – “What promotional tools are available to me with Amazon Music?”

The tools available are Features Requests, Amazon Button, Social Template, Messaging, Podcast Voice Optimization on Alexa and Podcast Features on Alexa. 

Features Requests 

Amazon wants to know when you’re launching a new season or featuring an exciting new episode for your podcast. And now you can submit requests to be promoted by Amazon Music!  

Here are the steps below: 

  1. Make sure you have the Listen on Amazon Music button on your website. Not sure how to do this? We have you covered. Here are the steps to get the Amazon Music button from our Episode 193 of The Feed
  2. Email Amazon ([email protected]at least 2 week before you want the promotion 
  3. In the email include: 
    • Host or Network name
    • What are you promoting: new show or a specific episode? 
    • Show name
    • Show description 
    • Inclusion & Diversity notes 
    • Promotion territory 
    • Trailer release date
    • First episode release date 
    • Release schedule 
    • Desired promotion date
    • Episode download forecast
    • How will your marketing plan incorporate Amazon Music?
    • Social media accounts used to promote show/shows 

Amazon Button

Add the Listen on Amazon button to your site. It can be a great way to drive traffic to your content and let your listeners know that you are on Amazon Music. BONUS: they can just ask Alexa to play your podcast! 

Download the Listen on Amazon music button here! 

Social Template

Announce to your followers that your podcast is available on Amazon Music! Amazon has provided social media templates for you to use to post the announcement. 

You can find the templates here. Don’t forget to tag @AmazonMusic and use #PodcastsOnAmazonMusic for them to share or repost on each channel. 


Amazon has provided 5 tips to consider as you promote your podcast: 

  • Keep your podcast as the focus of your messaging.
  • Tell your audience what to expect when they listen to your show.
  • Clearly communicate the benefits your show will provide to listeners.
  • Make it easy for listeners to find your show by providing the link to your show on Amazon Music.
  • Let your listeners know that they can listen on the go with hands-free listening powered by Alexa for iOS and Android, and on all Echo devices.

Podcast Voice Optimization on Alexa 

It can be helpful for podcasters to include tips on their website and marketing materials to help listeners know what to say to easily find and play your podcast on Alexa. 

Here are Amazon’s brand guidelines for how to represent the utterances and for marketing asses: 

Alexa Brand Guidelines for Amazon

Developers Echo Brand Guidelines 

Podcast Features on Alexa

The main podcast database for Alexa is now powered by Amazon Music. So, now you can ask Alexa to play your podcast or your favorites on Amazon devices in the US, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Canada. 

Teach your audience how to ask Alexa how to play your podcast! Here are some trigger phrases to test out:. 

Play a podcast:
“Alexa, play the podcast ” 

Play a followed podcast:
“Alexa, play my followed podcasts”

Navigate between podcast episodes: 
“Alexa, next / previous (episode)”

Play the latest episode:
“Alexa, play the latest”

“Alexa, play the latest episode of ”

Fast forward or rewind in an episode:
“Alexa, fast forward / rewind”

“Alexa, fast forward / rewind 2 minutes”

Continue with a podcast in progress:
“Alexa, resume my podcast”

“Alexa, resume the podcast” 

Let us know if this was helpful!

Did you get featured on Amazon Music?

Where you able to play your show on using Alexa?

Has your audience told you they have asked Alexa to play your podcast?

Let us know! Tweet @libsyn! We’d love to hear from you 

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