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When did you start podcasting?

We started Podcasting January 14, 2012, Definitely rookies to the podcast world.

Why did you start podcasting?

I (Aaron) was inspired by the burgeoning scene of Urban Podcasters doing new and innovative things. People like The black Guy Who Tips, Mr. Moodys Neighborhood,The In Deep show and many more. It is definitely a underserved section of the podcast community.

What’s your show about?

We are a group of friends that talk about life, business politics, sexual relationships, geek culture, and just about everything in between.

The hosts of The Black Astronauts Podcast are myself, Rock who has the section, Blacks in Ops: Reggin Protocol, which focuses on business. Polo with Polo’s Corner, focusing on music and current events, Fiq with News VS Nonsense, focusing on politics and nerd culture and Candice with Sex and Stuff focusing on sex and relationships.

We often have guests from other Urban podcasts and have started the #supportyourown movement on social media. We have recently expanded into a second show as well focusing on topics from a ladies perspective called ladies launch with Candice,Kai Love, CJ, And Letitia. There is a podcaster spotlight as well called podcast of the Week.

How have you promoted your podcast?

We have mostly promoted our podcast by word of mouth, Of course facebook and twitter are also mainstays, But our fans help promote the most.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Just dive in, I was given some good advice and it was do not worry about the numbers, just do it for yourselves and the numbers will come.

You can connect with The Black Astronauts by subscribing in iTunes as well as following each of them on twitter! @Blackastronaut6 @betahadji @fiq_blerdman @sexandthesister @ashy3classy. You can also get The Black Astronauts Android App! 

If you are inspired by the scene of urban podcasters as well and have something to add to the conversation, go ahead and podcast! We’d love to help host your podcast files!

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