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Q & A with Jaime from Curve The Cube

When did you start podcasting?

I recorded my pilot episode on October 15th, 2014 with local radio celebrity, Kevin Rolston of The KVJ Show.

Why did you start podcasting?

I have always been a daydreamer full of inspiration; but, I never really knew what to do with it.

Writing? Dancing? Acting? Voiceover work?

Sounds super fun, but also super unrealistic to really pursue…right?

But, then I would realize that SOMEONE is making it as a professional writer.

Someone is making it as a professional dancer.

Someone is making it as an actor, hockey player, singer, bakery-owner, radio host… the list goes on and on.

And, if somebody’s else doing it, then why not me?  Of course, the question remains: HOW are they doing it?  I also realized that I can’t possibly be the only person wondering these things–and stuck in a cubicle while doing it.
So, one day, it hit me: start talking to people who ARE doing what they love.  Better yet, start a podcast and share these messages with the world!  So, I’ve done just that and called it “Curve the Cube.”
Since starting this podcast project, I have been privileged to have conversations with some of the most amazing people walking the walk of their passion, and it’s been AWESOME!

What’s your show about?

The Curve the Cube Podcast is my passion project aimed at inspiring people to pursue their dreams by talking to those who are doing just that!

Guests include: actors, artists, entertainers, radio and news personalities, writers, musicians, small business owners, dancers, charities, and more, including people with a particular sociocultural perspective or impact.

My guests range broadly in talents, including:

  • Actors like Amir Arison from The Blacklist
  • Congresswoman Lois Frankel
  • Adam Rymer–President of Nerdist Industries
  • Chris Blinston—Ink Master’s season 6 runner up
  • Zach Rance from Big Brother season 16, …

And, some of my favorite conversations have been with people who are on the brink of breaking through: artists, musicians, writers, non-profits, entrepreneurs, etc… They all have in common a pure passion for what they do. They are all curvists!

So often, we get an idea to go for something or discover a passion or talent for something, but, we’re too scared or unsure of the “how” to actually do it.

Well, this podcast is your opportunity to listen on as I pick the brains of people who are doing something they love—people I call “curvists.”

They didn’t box themselves in. They go against the grain and fight the current to live a life full of what they are passionate about.

As I say, they’ve gone from standing alone to standing out, and their conversations come with plenty of insights and tricks of the trade, and a lot of laughs to go with it all.

So, whether full time, part time, or as a hobby on the side, find your passion…. Do your thing!!
Here and there, I also splice in Pod Squad episodes where I get with my friends, usually Jay Cintron and Scotty Fusion, and chat about random stuff.

And, my CTC Kids series features amazing young spirits full of talent and focus that would be impressive at any age!

What’s your podcasting set-up? Hardware, software, CMS, etc.

My podcast has to be portable; so, I use mobile voice recorders.

I won’t even MENTION the first recorders I had. Yikes!! Currently, I am using:

  • SONY IC handheld recorder
  • TASCAM DR–40 Linear PCM Recorder, gifted to me by the one and only Scotty Fusion!

I edit my audio files with Audacity and Wondershare.

I host with Libsyn (obviously, lol).

I have the podcast available on, iTunes, Stitcher, YouTube, TuneIn, and many other apps.

How have you promoted your podcast?

  • Word-of-mouth – especially by guests
  • Flyers; business card-sized infocards
  • Social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc…); scheduled and boosted posts
  • Constantly adding my podcast to more and more apps
  • Creating a network: teaming up with associates and sponsors that will help spread the word
  • Getting on other shows as a guest or guest host; do fun collaborative projects, like those from Libsyn (Thanks, Podcasting!).

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

I have learned to listen to my guest more and talk over them less. I have also tried to become more and more aware of my own quirks, such as my often obnoxious laugh and overuse of the word “amazing.”

How about it? Are you a curvist? You know if you are or you’re not. If you are then listening to this podcast is a must and a wonderful way to celebrate it’s 2 year anniversary! Subscribe and say hey* to Jaime!*

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